How To Keep Going During Coronavirus Quarantine as a Real Estate Agent – Episode #235

Limitations bring opportunity

You have two choices – (1) you can submit to the fear, freeze, and throw in the towel. Or (2) believe this gives me the opportunity to emerge as a leader, there are going to be an abundance of opportunities to do business virtually, and I’m gonna serve my community to the best of my ability.

Examples of opportunities that are arising thus far:

  • Virtual open houses – with a CTA for a private FaceTime
  • Virtual closings – “couch to closing”
  • Say goodbye to “time sucks” – we are learning a new way of doing business that I think will stick around for many years to come.
  • Stay in front of people – zoom calls – meetups – happy hour – bombbomb
  • Facebook Lives, YouTube videos – time to double down.
  • Stay home and work on systems, your database, website

Ideas others are doing in their community:

Stephanie: “To keep a local florist afloat, members of my community are sending each other bouquets. Once you have a bouquet sent to you, you send a bouquet to another friend, and then they send a bouquet to someone else, and on and on.”

Riley in NYC: “Sauce Pizzeria is delivering free pizzas to hospitals every day, giving you the opportunity to donate a pizza and they’ll match it.”

Perry in Reunion, CO: “A Facebook page was started in our community called ‘I Need This!’ It’s a place for community members to connect and help each other. Some people reached out because they need groceries, so there are others that go deliver what they need.”

Bridget in Portland, OR: “I want to give a shout out to Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle. If you order cupcakes for delivery to non-profits, underserved communities and others in need, they’ll pay it forward when they’re back on their feet.”

Pat in CA: “A neighbor printed a flyer and offered to bring food and supplies to seniors in the neighborhood. She put her two small children in a wagon and put the flyers in the mailboxes of her neighbors.”

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