How to Use SnapChat to Up Your Client Attraction Game – Episode 54

Ep 54 Album coverOK – this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Today my guest, Monica Gutierrez, and I are going to teach you how to use Snapchat to make your client attraction machine hum along powerfully. Monica is somebody I met on Snapchat (how appropriate) and I noticed right away that she’s got it going on when it comes to Snapchat. On this episode she’s going to give you 5 key tips to building effectiveness on Snapchat – plus a bonus tip as well. You won’t want to miss this one if Snapchat has you stumped. Monica makes it easy.


Personal branding is the power of client attraction – and Snapchat makes it possible.


When we talk about personal branding these days what we mean is that people need to know, like, and trust you as a person before they will know, like, and trust your business. It’s a fact. We buy things from people or companies we trust. Snapchat makes that happen by giving you the bite-sized opportunity to repeatedly make yourself known in authentic ways. As you let your audience get to know you through the planned and spontaneous ways you use the platform, you’ll be building that brand automatically. My guest today is Monica, a pro who knows how to use Snapchat to maximum effectiveness. You’ll learn a lot if you’ll take the time to listen to this one.


Authenticity is key to using Snapchat powerfully.


One way that Snapchat is different from other social media platforms is that nobody on SC is there to watch talking heads. They want to meet real people, see snapshots of real life, and interact with those they meet. It’s part of the way the platform is built. But what does it really mean to use Snapchat in an authentic way? My guest today has some really good examples to share about what authenticity looks like, so be sure you take some time to hear her out.


If you don’t know how to use Snapchat to engage with followers, what’s the point?


Engagement doesn’t only mean that people comment on your snaps… it also means that you take the initiative to reach out to those who follow you. The direct message side of Snapchat is sorely underutilized by most users – and it’s A GOLD MINE for truly connecting with people who have shown interest in what you’re posting on the platform. That’s one of the many great points my guest today makes about how to use Snapchat effectively. If you want to know the best ways to use Snapchat, this gal can tell you better than anyone I’ve met.


Nobody can relate to your perfection, so be real!


Of course I’m not saying anybody is REALLY perfect, but on social media we can easily cloak our persona so it seems like we have no problems, no issues, no difficulties in life. But think about it for a minute – WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT? People can’t relate to your “perfection,” they need to see the real you. They’ll actually be ATTRACTED to the real you (believe it or not). Today you can learn how to be authentic with those who follow you on Snapchat – and more importantly you’ll learn the benefit it will have for your business long term.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:28] My introduction to OJ – and this episode!
  • [2:14] Who is Monica? A marketing genius!!!!
  • [4:27] How I met Monica on Snapchat – and who she is.
  • [6:09] The work Monica does for teams.
  • [7:37] Why do real estate agents need to be using Snapchat?
  • [9:07] What Monica says to people who aren’t getting anything from Snapchat?
  • [11:12] Monica’s list of Snapchat tips.
  • [11:39] What does it mean to be authentic on Snapchat?
  • [14:58] Why positivity is so important on Snapchat (and social media in general).
  • [16:57] Engagement tips for Snapchat (it’s very important).
  • [18:52] The impact consistency has on your Snapchat following.
  • [22:57] How can you be creative on Snapchat?
  • [26:20] What in the world is resonating content?
  • [27:20] How you can get to know your Snapchat audience.


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