I Am 100% Responsible For My Results, and YOU Are 100% Responsible For Yours – Episode 42

Ep 42 Album coverWelcome to the Onion Juice podcast – where we’re tired of drinking the same old orange juice the real estate industry has been drinking for so many years… we’re tired because it simply doesn’t do anything for us. We’re ready to shake things up and take over the industry by entering into the culture in a way that truly cares for people and makes an impact in their lives – even if it means we don’t get the sale. This episode – oh man – this episode is one I’ve been stewing on for quite a while because it’s taken me a bit to get my head and heart around it. It’s about taking 100% responsibility – yep, you hear me – 100% responsibility for every aspect of my life and business. No more excuses, no more justifying, it’s all me. And I’m here to tell you today, it’s all you as well. Drop your defenses and listen to this one… it could change your world just like it has changed mine.


It sounds crazy to think that you even CAN be 100% responsible.


That’s what I first thought when I was handed a document from my mentor that told me that I was 100% responsible. I mean, there are things that happen in the world that I can’t control, things that I can’t change – how can I be 100% responsible. You know, maybe 85% or something, but not 100%! I read through the document over and over and over – over the course of 8 months – and the truth of it began to sink in. The results that I want to see happen in my life are not dependent on anyone or anything besides me. I AM 100% responsible. So are you, my friend. It’s time for us to get over ourselves and start doing what only we can do. Find out more on this episode.


Stop the CYA (cover your ass) stuff. It’s stupid.


CYA has become a catchphrase in our culture and at first it sounds kinda’ funny. But the reality is that it’s just a way for us to keep from doing all we are able and responsible to do.. It’s defensive living, reactive living, and it keeps us from achieving what we are capable of achieving. About 8 months ago my mentor handed me a document that outlined the 100% responsibility way of thinking, and I kid you not – it has changed me – and it’s changing the results that I’m getting in every area of my life. You need a shot of that, don’t you? You can get your first booster shot on this episode.

Excuses don’t do anything for you except make you a victim in your own mind.


I know there are REASONS that things happen that are outside your control. But there are NEVER excuses. You and I have to get used to the fact – the FACT – that life is what it is and that if we are going to get ahead, succeed, accomplish our goals, or make a difference in the world, we’ve got to believe that in spite of the things that hinder our success, we can achieve it anyway. It’s up to us. It’s totally up to us. I’m committed to NO MORE EXCUSES, NO MORE LIES TO MYSELF, I’m going to take 100% responsibility for my life, my family, and my career and make the dreams I have come about. You can do the same thing – and I hope this episode starts you on that path.


What would happen if the real estate industry stopped blaming the market or the economy and started innovating?


I mean it. How could we change things if we’d approach the obstacles to increasing home sales and moving properties as challenges instead of hindrances? Would we come up with some creative solutions? Would we be able to get more people into homes and more homes or properties sold? Would we leave our options open, like maybe working more with wholesalers, rehabbers, or investors? I’m telling you, when we determine that we are 100% responsible for our own results, we realize that we’ve got to do things differently than we ever have, we’ve got to find a way to make deals work. That’s what this episode is about and I hope it’s a kick in the butt to you, to get you out of the same-old-same-old and into a new mindset that can truly serve your success.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:45] My introduction to this episode.
  • [3:08] The problem of taking responsibility for your own mistakes.
  • [5:42] The background on the letter I was handed by my mentor.
  • [9:16] This week in Social Media.
  • [14:50] Why excuses are not acceptable, especially blaming and justifying.
  • [18:35] The 100% Responsibility Principle.
  • [25:50] How 100% responsibility is compatible with my faith.
  • [29:40] I’d love to hear from you – here’s how you can connect with me.

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