My 3 Pillar Real Estate Business Strategy for the New Year- Episode 68

My 3 Pillar Real Estate Business Strategy for the New Year- Episode 68Business strategy is powerful ONLY if you implement it consistently. Too many real estate agents are caught up in the shiny object syndrome where they jump from one new thing to another. When you do that you never allow yourself the time to discover if the things you’re doing are truly having an effect on your business. Like any client-oriented business, it’s a numbers game where you have to try something over a long period of time to see if it’s actually working at any level. On this episode of The Onion Juice podcast, I encourage you to build a 3 pillar business plan for your success in 2017 and stick with it over the long haul. I’ve got plenty of tips for how you can build that kind of strategy in this episode, so be sure you listen.


A new year requires a new strategy for your business, are you ready?


Many of the things you’ve been doing to attract customers to your real estate business may be working. That’s great. But the new year is a great time to assess what has NOT been working and make some changes. On this episode I introduce you to my 3 pillar approach to devising a business strategy. I explain each of the 3 pillars and highlight some examples of each of them. Then I unload the great suggestions I received from The Onion Juice Facebook community about what was most successful in terms of business strategy for 2016. I can honestly say, if you don’t get something actionable from this episode it’s not going to be my fault. Find something that fits into YOUR 3 pillared approach and commit to implementing it in the new year.


Sphere of influence, outreach, attraction. Put these 3 pillars into your business strategy.


When I think of business strategy it’s always helpful for me to think in different categories. For me, these three have always been helpful – sphere of influence, outreach, and attraction. Each one focuses on a particular way of interacting with influencers, clients, and potential clients that is a bit different from the others – and THAT enables me to spread a very wide net to build my business. Real estate is never easy, but if you are willing to try something new and think in terms of these 3 pillars, I believe you’ll find it becoming a lot more fun and successful. I’ve got many ideas to share with you on this episode of The Onion Juice podcast so please take the time to listen – for your own increased success.


Are you making the most of your sphere of influence? Here are some ideas you can implement.


You have a sphere of influence. Even if you don’t think you do, you do. It’s those people around you who listen to what you say or look up to you as an influence on their lives. But it’s also the people who impact YOU in those ways, those who YOU look to for advice, wisdom, example, and counsel. The most important question about your sphere of influence is this: How can you leverage each one of those relationships to further your real estate career? It’s not about asking people for lots of things, it’s about building relationships that serve both of you and move your business forward. If you’re curious how to go about doing that I’ve got a great handful of tips for you on this episode.


Personal contact works. There’s no way to get around it (and why would you want to?)


You’ve heard it said before. Heck, I’ve probably said it on this podcast. Real estate is a people business. Practically speaking, that means that personal contact with people has to be part of every real estate agent’s business strategy. You can’t sit in the ivory tower of your office, work on your website, or play around on the computer without connecting with real people. It just won’t move your business forward. When it comes to engaging in personal contact, you can do it in person, on the phone, or via social media – the method doesn’t matter – but there has to be a PERSONAL component of what you do. On this episode, I share ways that members of the Onion Juice Facebook community have been leveraging personal contact to move their businesses forward – and I challenge you to choose one of these proven strategies to add to your 2017 business strategy.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:26] My introduction to the podcast and this episode about business plans.
  • [4:44] My upcoming course and how this episode relates to it.
  • [7:37] The 3 pillars of a great business plan for the new year.
  • [9:06] Why I love a weekly letter from the heart (newsletter).
  • [11:03] What are you going to do to chase people (reach out).
  • [15:05] Attraction ideas: client events, seminars, host a show (like this), blogging/Facebook pages and groups.
  • [16:45] Best strategies from 2016 (from the Facebook group).


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