Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, and Self Doubt in the Real Estate Business with Tamara Dorris – Episode 30

Ep 30 Album coverThe top three reasons real estate agents miss the success they’re after are anxiety, fear, and self doubt – and all three of those are really the same thing. Today’s guest, Tamara Dorris is the author of a new book, “Mind Over Market” that can help you get a handle on those three powerful obstacles and overcome them to experience greater success in your real estate business than you’ve ever had before. Her work is grounded firmly in neuroscience, so you don’t have to worry about any “woo woo” stuff here. Be sure you listen to this episode, Tamara’s got lots of great insights to share.


The things that hold back most real estate agents.


Success only comes to those who work toward it consciously. But it’s difficult to work toward anything with confidence when plagued with things like anxiety and self doubt. Tamara Dorris says that anxiety and self doubt are really different manifestations of fear, so learning how to overcome fear could be the single most important thing you could do for your real estate career. Even if you don’t feel that you’re a “fearful” person, you might see the issue from a different angle after listening to this episode, so make the time to invest in yourself by listening.


A common trait in top producers in the real estate industry.


If you could boil down all the traits that make the top real estate producers as successful as they are you’d come down with a very short list. At the top of that list is the issue of expectation. Top producers truly EXPECT that they are going to be successful. Call it mindset, call it confidence, call it personal believe – heck, you can call it an enchilada if you want – but the truth is that if you do your work with the expectation that it’s going to pay off, you’ll move yourself into a whole different category of possibility. Author Tamara Dorris walks through the science behind that phenomenon on this episode of Onion Juice.

What does neuroscience have to do with the Real Estate Industry?


Tamara Dorris is not only an author and neuroscience researcher, she’s also been in the trenches as a real estate agent. She knows the variables and pressures that you face every single day. She taken that experience and her love for neuroscience and smashed them together into this incredible new book, “Mind Over Market.” It’s an examination of the way the brain and body are designed to work – with application to the way you and I do business. It’s a fascinating concept and one that Tamara unpacks for us on this episode.


You NEED a copy of this book. You do.


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the real estate business, if you are not at the level of success you want to be, you need to grab a copy of Tamara Dorris’ book, “Mind Over Market.” Then you need to read it. Then you need to apply what you learn. In my experience as a real estate mentor and coach I see that time and time again the main issues agents are struggling with are not practical, job-related issues – they’re mindset and confidence issues. Tamara’s book takes you a good piece down the road of building up your confidence and creating an attitude that will fuel success. On this episode you’ll find out how you can win a free copy, so be sure to listen.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:31] Welcome and introduction to this episode.
  • [2:48] Who the Onion Juice podcast is for.
  • [5:43] Introduction of Tamara Dorris and today’s topic.
  • [8:30] The things that hold most real estate agents back in life and business.
  • [11:11] How self-doubt can be overcome.
  • [13:05] How personal health issues can impact anxiety levels.
  • [15:29] The science behind those who are top producers in real estate.
  • [17:19] The example of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • [19:27] What agents can do to build their confidence: metacreation.
  • [21:46] What does neuroscience have to do with real estate success?
  • [23:37] What was behind the writing of “Mind Over Market?”
  • [26:07] Why most agents need help with their focus and confidence.
  • [28:13] Quick tips to become more mindful.
  • [31:00] How Tamara’s book can help with practical issues like marketing.

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Text “Dorris” to “44222” for your opportunity to win a copy of Tamara’s book and workbook.


BOOK: Mind Over Market


BOOK: Mind Over Market Workbook


TED Talk video with Amanda Cutty


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