Set it and Forget It! How to Set a Clear Plan, and Then Follow It. – Episode 38

Ep 38 Album coverIf you haven’t juiced with me yet, welcome to Onion Juice! You’re gonna love it. It’s a podcast by a realtor for realtors, designed to get you thinking outside the box. Do things differently! And in doing so, attract business to yourself rather than chasing it. In these 38 episodes to date (and many more to come!), I provide solid, practical advice and strategies for doing that. In this episode I’ll talk about a course I’m developing and share insights on how clarity and consistency are the capital C’s in suCCess!

Don’t be a fox; be a hedgehog! Wait, really? Yes, really!


You wouldn’t think so, but the hedgehog is actually a much more efficient worker. The fox knows a lot and is always strategizing this or that. The hedgehog knows one thing only: how to defend himself. And he does it well. The fox is a multi-tasker, which makes him scattered and unfocused, but the hedgehog is slow, steady and supremely focused. As a realtor, you can’t afford to be scattered. In this episode I’ll give you some insights on how to remain consistent, stay focused and therefore how to more efficiently attract business to yourself rather than burning your energy trying to chase it down.

Meh, I’ll get there one way or another. -What?!?!


Would you get into a car with a driver like that? Heck no! So when it comes to running your real estate business, don’t BE that driver! You’ve got to have a clear plan of action, one you’ve thought through and put into place very intentionally and thoughtfully. In this episode of Onion Juice, I share some of the specific steps I’ve taken toward developing clarity in my overall business, as well as in my daily routine. How do you figure out what you can take on and what you should pass on? Take a listen…

Clients are not self-maintaining; YOU maintain them by staying in constant contact.


In this episode of Onion Juice I’m going to tell you about the three pillars of running a successful real estate business. One of those includes staying in constant contact with your clients. There are lots of ways you can do that, and I’ll give you some solid ideas. When I started out, I created a newsletter, which was great until I got busy and wasn’t able to sink much time into it. That’s when I discovered this great online tool that enabled me to continue creating newsletters–in about one minute! Then you can repurpose that content for your blog or social media. Ripple effect! Let me share that and many other strategies for staying in touch with your clients.

Attract people, don’t chase them!


Chasing them is exhausting! Besides, do you really want to be that realtor? Wouldn’t you rather be the one who has clients flocking to you because you’re always putting on this that or the other cool event? There are about a million topics you can give seminars on; those are always an attraction. Or use Facebook Live to host a show like I do. Check out my “Back Seat Driver” and Monday Trivia shows to see just how simple and low-tech these can be and still be amazingly successful at attracting clients. Bottom line: let your inner artist out and start letting clients in.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:35] Welcome to this episode about how to use the art inside you to attract business!
  • [2:50] About the new course I’m developing, soon to be available to you!
  • [7:00] This week in social media: Instagram analytics, a source for blog content, Facebook Live, and more.
  • [11:20] Personal testimony about finding my groove in real estate.
  • [16:50] The three pillars of success for your real estate business. And mine.
  • [20:05] A tool for generating newsletters in about a minute for about a buck each.


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