Start Creating YouTube Videos That People Search For – Episode #229

I’ve tried creating YouTube videos before and have always hit a dead end. I was never able to settle into a groove. Recently, I was inspired by Peter McKinnon and a concept he introduced in one of his videos. I put my daily routine for video production to good use and got to work creating content for my Agent Rise YouTube Channel. Hear all about my inspiration, upcoming video ideas—and more—in this episode of Agent Rise!

My YouTube “Aha!” moment

I LOVE to tinker with videos. I have all the tools I need to create high-quality video (a great camera and access to Final Cut Pro video editing software). I enjoy creating videos and I’ve wanted to start a channel for a while—but nothing ever stuck…until I was watching one of Peter McKinnon’s videos and had my Aha! Moment.

He was doing a tutorial inside of a vlog.

Now, I’ve done videos before. Some of my ‘I Love Madison’ videos fare quite well on YouTube. In the past, I’ve attempted to shoot videos of me coaching, but didn’t feel like they’d resonate. And it certainly wasn’t something people would be searching for. People want tutorials, but they want them to be fun and entertaining. This is where a vlog tutorial comes into play.

So what is a vlog style tutorial?

You don’t want to just be a talking head in a video. Even with the best editing and added touches it still comes across boring. But if you work a tutorial into a vlog, it’s far more engaging. So what could that look like? In the 1st video on my YouTube channel I bring you with me to an ‘I Love Madison’ meetup and I teach you how to run one yourself.

You could also shoot a video of what it takes to host an open house. You could start in your office, put out signs, and get B-roll during the open house. As you’re vlogging, you incorporate your “how-to” in a seamless and entertaining way. The goal is to teach something while you’re doing it. 

What I’m excited about: vlogging while traveling the country

I’ve talked about my dream to travel the country in an RV. Our goal is to do that this summer, but we don’t have the rig yet. My wife pointed out that we could still travel the US and vlog—but just do it in our car. So in March, we are traveling to the Real Estate Distilled conference in Louisville after which we are heading to Disney.

I’d love to meet up with anyone who is along this route (I’ll post it in the Facebook group). The goal is to vlog along our journey while delivering content that is relevant to realtors around the US. I also want to go to different parts of the country where agents are killing it. I’d love to interview them, find out what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, and share it with my viewers.

Whatever you decide to do, I want to encourage you to just go create. If you’re passionate about video and enjoy the process, give it a shot. Listen to the episode to hear how one of my ‘I Love Madison’ videos hit home.

I’m going all-in on YouTube

I’ve already posted 3 videos on my YouTube channel and intend to post a video per week. All the while trying to keep in mind what consumers are searching for. It’s all about learning what people want to see and then providing the content. You want people to find you on YouTube and become a face they recognize and think of when they think about real estate.

Here are some video ideas that you’ll be seeing in my YouTube channel:

  • How to Take Great Real Estate Photos
  • Making Your First hHire
  • Facebook Live for Realtors
  • Podcast Equipment I Use
  • Facebook Live vs. YouTube
  • Designing Thumbnails for Your Videos
  • 7 Pieces of Equipment I Can’t Live Without
  • How to Write a Different Property Description
  • 3 Posts Where I’ve Gotten Over 30k in Organic Views

That’s just the start of what’s in store. But I’d love to know—what would you like to see on my YouTube channel?

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] All about creating Youtube videos
  • [1:45] Join my masterclass!
  • [2:03] My YouTube “Aha!” moment
  • [5:28] Go subscribe to see the 3 videos I’ve posted!
  • [8:14] Build a vlog around a lesson
  • [9:20] What I’m excited about
  • [12:15] Just go create!
  • [13:44] Why I’m going all-in on YouTube
  • [15:38] What are consumers searching for?
  • [17:11] Let me know if you want to meet up!

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