Throw A Party with a Cause! Events that Create a Buzz – Episode 34

Ep 34 Album coverWelcome back to the podcasts series that’s designed to wake up those bleary-eyed realtors, too many of whom are doing the same things, following the same scripts. Hey, I was there too early on in my career. But I learned fast, it doesn’t work. I broke out of the mold, and that’s what Onion Juice is all about! I’m setting out here for nothing less than redefining the real estate industry. I’m all about challenging the status quo. My mission in these podcasts is to help you do the same; learn to attract business, not chase it.


Learn how to create events people will want to share on their Facebook pages, events that give back to the community!


For most realtors, open houses are the extent of their event planning. Really?! When I see them promote their open houses on social media, I’m thinking, “Do you really expect that to work? Do you really think folks will see your post and say, ‘Hey, honey. Joe Realtor’s gonna be showing a house on Palm this weekend. Since we got nothing better to do….’”. No! Think outside the box. In this episode I want to brainstorm ways to create events that people will actually want to promote, share on their Facebook pages, etc. Create events that really give back to your community!


Party in the Park, with food, beer and games for the kiddos. Now, who wouldn’t want to come to that?


In this podcast I’ll tell you about the annual event I hold called “Party in the Park.” It’s been enormously successful at bringing folks out and keeping me in touch with them. Basically, I throw a big barbecue, complete with drinks, lawn games, bouncy houses, the Badgers’ game broadcast on a big screen, and prizes for the first 100 folks to show up. I invite everyone in my database, and normally about ⅓ o them show up–so that’s well over 100 folks. I’ve become a lot of folks’ realtor as a direct result of that event. And that’s just one of the ideas I’ll share with you here.

Afraid of the costs of hosting a big event for your real estate business? Let me help…


There are so many amazing events you can pull off at minimal cost to yourself. And creating fun events will absolutely set you apart as a realtor! In this episode of Onion Juice, I’ll share several tips for creating affordable events, like renting a movie theater to show a film, which only cost me $175 out of my own pocket! And if you’ve got your sights set on bigger events, go for it! I’ll tell you about how to keep costs down by getting sponsors, or teaming up with other realtors in your office to share the costs–and increase your exposure! Get creative when it comes to planning your events, and think BIG!


Make your event VIRAL! It’s not as hard as you might think to get other folks to come to and promote your event.


As a realtor, you don’t want your event to be all about you. Self-promotion doesn’t attract a crowd. Instead, give your event an altruistic purpose. Use it as an opportunity to truly give back to your community. Maybe make it a food drive for a local food pantry. Or align it with the local fire or police department’s cause. Having a firetruck at your party for the kiddos can’t be a bad thing, right? And how much more likely do you think folks will be to share your food drive than they would be to share a boring open house? Listen here for more ideas on how to make your event have mass appeal.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] Welcome to the podcast designed to teach you how to attract business, not chase it!
  • [2:38]  Learn how to create events that give back to your community, not just boring old, self-promoting open houses.
  • [4:55] An exciting new edition to the Onion Juice show!
  • [6:28] About my party in the Park event.
  • [10:20] Ways to get over the fears that events will cost too much or that no one will show up.
  • [13:09] Create a hashtag for your event and host a photo contest. Hello social media promotion! Make it a food-drive or toy donation thang.
  • [16:15] Introducing our new segment: “This Week in Social Media”
  • [20:08] Topic ideas for seminars and webinars you can offer as a realtor.
  • [22:00] Other really fun outings or events you can host to create a buzz around your business.
  • [31:03] If you’ve done any events of your own or if you have ideas for one, share it with your Onion Juice compadres!

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