Why Consistency is KEY to Any Success You Achieve – Episode 58

Ep 58 Album coverWhat’s the latest shiny object that has diverted you from being consistent at the most important things in your real estate business? You know what I’m talking about. We all do it. New social media tools, new software packages and apps, new marketing approaches – we’ve got so many options (which is a good thing) we tend to bounce from one new thing to another without sticking with anything over the long haul. I’m here to tell you that consistency is THE KEY to success in your real estate business. But it’s not just doing the same old things, it’s figuring out the things that fit YOU and making those things happen. On this episode of The Onion Juice podcast, I’m going to help you become more consistent in your work so you can reach the level of success you want.

How do you stop chasing the newest shiny objects?

It’s hard to stop chasing the shiny new objects that come on the scene, in large part because they are fun. But I think we’re also subconsciously afraid we’re going to miss out on something great. But you’ve got to understand that throughout your real estate career there are always going to be shiny new objects. You’ll always have the opportunity to change course if you need to. But at the beginning, you need to start with a good plan that takes into account all of the tools and resources at your disposal at that time. After you’ve made a good assessment and have decided which of the tools fits you and the way you want to do business, you can establish a plan that you commit to. That’s when you stop looking at the shiny objects and get to work. Learn more about how you can create that kind of plan as the foundation of your business, on this episode.

Why your efforts will outweigh your results in the beginning.

If you are a new real estate agent, or new at anything for that matter, at least the first few months will be a slog. You’ll put in tons of effort and see very little in the way of results. That’s because you’re doing the work of construction, building a business that will thrive and grow over the long haul. You’re building the foundation at first which is not the most attractive or noticeable part of the project. But if it’s not there, you can rest assured, you will feel it! On this episode I’m going to help you get past the discouraging hump of work, work, work with little to no results by helping you understand the brighter path that’s ahead – and that it won’t come if you don’t keep at it.

There will come a tipping point where your results outweigh your efforts.

As you work hard to implement your well-considered plan you’re going to put in a lot more effort at the beginning. Results will be few and far between. But there will come a tipping point – and I can’t exactly explain where it is or why it happens – but it always happens if you’re consistent. That tipping point will be a certain time in your business growth where all of that hard work begins to pay off and the results begin to come in. It’s at that point that you’ll begin to experience the attraction factor I talk about so much and won’t have to chase business nearly as much as you did at first. I think you’ll be encouraged to know that the time of payoff is coming, so be sure you listen to how it works, on this episode.

Why you need to get busy with your plan and forget the shiny objects.

It’s your well-reasoned plan that will make you immune to bright shiny object syndrome. That plan is what will result in the well-constructed business you really want. You can’t let the delay in results you experience at first stop you from doing the work. You can’t let yourself doubt your well-thought-out plan once you get halfway into it. You’ve got to be consistent. You’ve got to keep going. On this episode I’m going to give you more reasons to stay consistent and provide you a 3 pillar approach to building your own plan, so be sure you listen.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:28] My intro to this episode about New Agents learning how to be consistent!
  • [6:10] Why you need to be consistent in order to succeed.
  • [8:00] How do you overcome the bright shiny object syndrome?
  • [13:45] The power of a clear plan to stay consistent.
  • [16:03] The upcoming Juice Bar episode needs your questions!

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