**For Those Who Couldn’t Be In The Room at The Agent Rise Summit 2023…

The Next Best Thing to Being There:

Introducing, The Summit In A Box!

(Spoiler Alert: Technically, it’s not a box, but you get all the
same tools to build a real estate business you love!)

See What’s Included Below…

Picking Up Where Most Events Leave Off…

I know, it’s a bold claim. But it’s really the event I always wanted be at.  Because we know what usually happens at a typical real estate conference or bootcamp, right?

Mostly gurus you can’t relate with, talk at you for hours about all things you’re supposed to do (many of which make you cringe). Then going home, and ‘should-ing’ all over yourself, from the long list of to-do’s you collected at the event. 

While these have their place and can serve a purpose, the sad reality is…

Most agents leave feeling alone, with the same limiting beliefs they had before, and unable to stay consistent on all the things they were excited about learning.

Agent Rise Summit 2023 | Fort Myers, FL

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First, let’s get to the painful truth…

I know I sound like a “Debbie Downer”, but when I faced this truth, it made all the difference in the world for me.

The odds were against me if I wanted a business that I truly loved. NOT because of anything I was or wasn’t doing. It’s simply because of the lies I believed. And the most painful part of this was realizing who lied to me the most…

It was me. 😬

Truth is, among the most successful agents, there is one common thread. It’s their belief, and it drives everything else they DO.

But of course, it was much easier to identify the lies than it was to actually break them off. Because this is where the messy and tiring work comes in… but it’s SO worth it!

Agent Rise Summit 2023 | Fort Myers, FL

Credits to NBC Studios

Agent Rise Summit 2023 | Fort Myers, FL

The Good News Most Agents Don’t Hear (enough)…

You and I aren’t made to do all that messy and tiring work just on our own. 

Sadly, isolation SEEMS like a better friend, so we end up trying it on our own. I know very well, because I tried it again and again, and consistently failed until…

I surrounded myself with those who believed differently. They not only showed me what to DO, but helped me discover who I was made to BE.

And the more I’ve done the difficult, messy work, the more I’ve become clear on what to do.

**What Agent Rise Summit is NOT**

  • ❌ Gurus you can’t relate telling you about all things you should be doing.

  • ❌ Feeling overwhelmed with to-do lists and should-ing all over yourself.

  • ❌ Filled with unrealistic cookie-cutter programs that make you cringe.

  • ❌ Feeling like you’re unable to relate with other agents.

  • ❌ Going home with same limiting beliefs that keep holding you back.

  • ❌Unsure how reality is not going to derail you from taking action.

Agent Rise Summit 2023 | Fort Myers, FL

My Heart Behind the Agent Rise Summit…

While we focus on building you a real estate business you TRULY love, my heart behind this is to help you get rid of your BIG doubts and limiting beliefs…

So you’ll be consistent with the plan we create together.

Because most agents leave the typical conference/bootcamp excited to take action on their list of to-do’s, only to end up being derailed by doubt and disbelief. They feel alone and often self-sabotage the success they envisioned at the conference. 


What’s Included?

  • 2 Days of done-with-you personalized coaching
  • Detailed & customizable Summit Workbook
  • Library of proven templates & workflows
  • Set up with a schedule that ensures your consistency
  • Clarity & focus on what’s most important
  • Renewed confidence to go home & crush it
  • Ability to quickly identify & eliminate your self-sabotage
  • Network & connection with other mission-driven agents
  • Blueprint for building a powerful team of agents

Flat Price of $595

(NO surprise upsells)

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