Unmasking Your Villain To Achieve Success – Episode #188


Unmasking Your Villain To Achieve Success - Episode #188

With the biggest superhero movie in history premiering last weekend, we are going to take a deep dive into the villains keeping you from achieving success as a real estate agent. What is holding you back from the success you want to reach? We all have SOMETHING we struggle with that is standing in the way of breakthrough. Maybe you know exactly what that is. Maybe you don’t. Or maybe you only think you know and a blind spot has been hiding your real enemy for a long time. It’s time to unmask your villain on this week’s episode of the Agent Rise Podcast!

You CAN rewrite your story

When limiting beliefs set in, it’s really easy to assume that the things you struggle with will always hold you back and there’s not much you can do about it. Friends, that is an absolute lie! You CAN rewrite your story and achieve success as a result. However, just because it’s possible does not mean it’s easy. Rewriting your story will take discipline and possibly some painful conversations. More often than not, the true identity of the villain in your life has been hiding in a blind spot and it takes coaching and transparency to bring it to light. Stop fighting the wrong enemy and do the work to figure out what is really holding you back. Do you have what it takes? The answer is YES!

With great responsibility comes great power

Yep, you read that right. The majority of our villains are easily slain by taking 100% responsibility for what happens in our life and business. Blaming your lack of achievement and success on anything and everything is an incredible waste of time. Blaming, in general, implies that we are passively helpless to our circumstance and shortcomings. Nothing could be further from the truth! Stop playing the blame game and start taking 100% responsibility for what goes on in your world. When you start seeing yourself as the only entity responsible for your success you begin to not only pursue it but also achieve it.

Consistency is key in order to achieve success

Good techniques are great, but they don’t matter if you can’t stay consistent in your real estate business. This is where a lot of agents struggle, but consistency becomes easier once you have a clear plan that you are totally invested in. You have to believe in the strategy you develop for yourself. You could have the greatest plan in the world, but if you’re not committed to its execution then what you have is NOTHING. Unbelief will kill your consistency and derail you when tougher seasons come. It’s easy to stay consistent when everything is going your way, but you have to learn how to hunker down through changing markets and seasons so that you can achieve the success you are striving for.

Don’t let a fear of lack keep you from abundance

The real villain keeping us from being able to achieve success is our limiting beliefs. We often blame our lack of achievement on the first thing that comes to our mind when we reflect on our obstacles, but the root of almost every single one of those obstacles is usually a lie we believe about ourselves. Maybe it came from things that were spoken over us in childhood. Or maybe we’re letting a past failure define our future. Either way, we are operating out of fear of lack instead of nurturing a mindset of abundance. We limit the resources we spend and the effort we exert because we are terrified of running out of both. Stop believing you will never have enough or be enough to achieve the success you seek. You ARE enough! It’s not that as a new or stuck real estate agent you can’t afford coaching. You can’t afford NOT to be coached. You can’t afford NOT to invest in your future. You are worth so much more than the lies you have believed about yourself. It’s time to unmask your villain and kick butt!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:32] A recap of the Agent Rise Web-A-Thon
  • [3:57] What it looks like to rewrite your story
  • [5:14] The top villains of real estate agents just like you
  • [8:00] THIS will defeat almost any villain in your life and business
  • [11:06] A practical snapshot of taking 100% responsibility
  • [13:55] Unmasking the REAL villain keeping you from achieving success
  • [17:43] Keeping your origin from determining your destination

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