The power of being curious as a real estate professional – Episode 20


Onion Juice is back. I’m your host, Neil Mathweg, REALTOR, business builder, and hopefully, your friend and colleague in the Real Estate world. Today’s episode is really a “true confessions” type show. I’m going to tell you the story of how I learned to be more curious and why I thought it was important. To be totally honest, I was too proud, too convinced that I had all the answers in most conversations that I had with people. But when I learned that curiosity could open new doors, I was intrigued, and that leads to the story behind this podcast. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and hear my story. I think it will help you increase your leads, listings, and your Real Estate business as as whole.


How I learned how to be more curious, and why.


There was a time in my life, and not too long ago, when I had most of my conversations with people from the standpoint of pride. I knew everything (or at least I thought I did). I did most of the talking. I wasn’t all that interested in hearing what others had to say. But I came to realize that approaching conversations that way wasn’t serving me very well, and more importantly, it wasn’t serving the others involved in the conversation at all. My pride was killing the opportunity to make real and lasting connections. It was about that time that I heard someone talk about the power of being curious, and it made me, well… curious. That’s when the lessons I share on this episode of Onion Juice became practically powerful in my life and business. I hope you’ll listen to this one. It’s applicable to so many areas of life.


Curiosity enables people to share and you are helped as a result.


One of the things I learned on what you might call my “curiosity journey” was that when I go into a situation, conversation, appointment, etc. with an attitude of curiosity, it enables me to be open to all kinds of possibilities that I might not even know are present in the situation. When I really want to learn – about a person, a situation, a career path, a field of study – it enables me to learn things that are important to the people involved in the conversation, so that I can serve them better. THAT is powerful when it comes to business appointments and relationships. On this episode of Onion Juice you’ll hear my story and how I’ve learned to apply curiosity in a variety of situations.

How to build your curiosity muscles.


Real Estate agents like you and me live and die on relationships. You may have never thought of it that way, but it’s totally true. If you are not able to build a relationship of trust with those you hope to serve, you’ll have a hard time getting and maintaining any kind of consistent business. One of the most powerful ways to build those trust-based relationships is through becoming curious. Curiosity enables you to communicate interest in the people you are hoping to serve, which causes them to believe that you care about them (and you do, don’t you?). That is the beginning of trust, which fuels your client relationships long term. I’ve got more to say about this issue of curiosity on this episode, and I think it can help you in practical ways.


Curiosity conversations that launch a successful business venture.


I hadn’t realized this before, but practicing curiosity causes all kinds of business opportunities open up to me. How does that work? It’s really pretty simple when you think about it. When you ask lots of questions, questions borne out of curiosity, you begin to learn who people are, what they do, what their specialties and areas of expertise are, and possibilities begin to appear. You see how their expertise touches yours, relates to yours, and might be able to connect in ways that benefit both of you. THAT is when curiosity serves you well – when it’s a benefit to both you and the people you’re interacting with. Find out more about how to apply curiosity in your Real Estate business, on this episode of Onion Juice.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:32] My introduction to this episode: The power of being curious.
  • [1:10] My experience in learning how to become curious, and why it matters.
  • [3:38] The ways I learned the power of curiosity in practical ways.
  • [5:20] 3 benefits of curiosity for REALTORs, and reasons why we should seek to be more curious.
  • [6:47] A peek into next week’s interview.
  • [7:10] What your curiosity can do to set you up for a good showing or listing.
  • [8:20] Key steps for conducting a successful client interview.
  • [9:25] How asking questions can lead to other questions and make for a great interview.
  • [9:50] How being curious about ways to do new things enriches your life and business.
  • [13:48] Building your entire business off of being curious.
  • [16:13] Preview of next week’s episode.
  • [


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BOOK: “A Curious Mind” by Brian Grazer


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