Learn How to Stir It Up on Facebook! – Episode 33

Ep 33 Album coverWhether this is your first time listening or you’re a regular here at Onion Juice, welcome! In this episode I want to talk about how to really engage people through your use of Facebook. It’s not enough just to post some stuff now and then. How do you really engage people? Get them interacting with you? Because if you’re not doing that, you’re not using Facebook to its fullest potential. Most realtors are drinking orange juice, doing the stuff you’d expect of them. Well, welcome to the other OJ: Onion Juice. Let’s learn how to shake things up!


Yeah, I play games with my business associates. And yes, I consider it better than professional!


One really great way I’ve found to engage people on Facebook is with a weekly game I’ve created, Mathweg’s Monday Trivia. As I explain in this episode, the idea is that Monday’s can be terrible, so let’s put a little fun into them! I’ve told other realtors about the idea and how much success I’ve had with it, and often they respond with, “I prefer to be professional with my clients. Bleh. You don’t win people over with professionalism! You win them through trust, and trust grows out of having a relationship with someone, and you build a relationship by being REAL with people. So, obviously, a game of trivia!


Think like a radio station! (Yes, even in real estate!)


If you want to learn how to truly engage people on your social media, I advise you to start listening to radio shows. Those people know how to do it! This morning I listened to a radio show asking people about local restaurants, current and former. People were calling in reminiscing and really connecting. Then another show asked listeners who else should we put on the face of our currency. So many calls! In this podcast I want to talk about how even those of us in the real estate industry can make our social networking FUN! Connecting with people hugely increases our chances they’ll hire us as their realtor down the road.

Here’s my long list of ideas for Facebook games that bring lots of engagements on your page.


In this episode of Onion Juice, I give you a pretty good sized list of ideas for engaging people on social media platforms. There are games like secret sound, Where am I Wednesday, and the price that listing game (a favorite of realtors). Or host photo contests. In a quick video, explain the game and invite people to respond to the prompt in the comments. You might just be amazed how many people will play along! After all, a big part of what people turn on social media for is entertainment. So entertain them! In conjunction with this discussion, I’m starting a dialogue on my Facebook page inviting folks to share their own ideas for engaging games. Let’s learn together!


Not all engagements are equal; learn how to make ‘em last!


When trying to get a lot of people to engage with your posts, be wary of things that end too quickly. If you’re playing “where am I Wednesday,” for instance, and someone guesses it right off the bat, game over. Things that go in a series are good. Maybe first ask a question, “Who has the best fries in town?” A couple days later, tally the results and post the top three restaurants folks voted for and ask people to vote among those three. Then you can post those results too. As a realtor who cares, I like to get people talking about things around town, things they can personally relate to.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:25] What is the Onion Juice podcast and what does it have to do with real estate?
  • [6:03] Mathweg Monday Trivia game on Facebook; why playing games is better than being professional!
  • [10:22] How a radio discussion about local restaurants brought about BIG engagements.
  • [13:30] Here’s my long list of ideas of games and conversations to engage people of Facebook!
  • [20:15] Voting games and mix and match games CRUSH it on Facebook.
  • [25:30] Let’s continue this list of ideas on my Facebook page! We can learn from each other there.
  • [27:30] This show is all about learning together and having fun doing it!

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