My SnapPack of Real Estate All Stars, and How We’re Using Snapchat – Episode 23

IMG_9846I totally, TOTALLY appreciate you taking the time to listen to this episode of Onion Juice. And do you know what else I appreciate? When you share the show with others. If you would be so kind as to hit the share buttons right on this page and give us a shout, that would help other people like you get word of the stuff we’re doing right here to help them ramp up their Real Estate business. Thanks! On today’s show we’ll be chatting about Snapchat (again), but this time it’s going to be a bit different. I’m chatting with the Real Estate contacts I’ve made on Snapchat to discover why they like Snapchat so much and what they’re doing to move their businesses forward using the platform.

Snapchat is a game changer for REALTORs all over the country.


Snapchat is different than most social media platforms because it’s so much easier to be real and raw using Snapchat. People don’t like to be chased down anymore, but when you’re able to post personal and business things in such an unassuming way that lets people get to know, like, and trust you, you find people responding of their own volition rather than running away because they feel they’re being pressured. Find out how these REALTORs are using Snapchat effectively, on this episode of Onion Juice.

Why SnapChat fits the “relationship business” that REALTORs are in.


If you don’t realize it yet, you have to come to terms with the fact that Real Estate is not about securing listings, it’s about helping people through building relationships. People don’t buy based on expertise, they buy based on trust – which flows from relationships. The way SnapChat is structured, it’s much easier to build real relationships on the platform, and those relationships (like the ones you hear on this episode) are powerful for building referral networks, finding new clients, and getting the exposure you need in your geographic area to position yourself as a trusted expert.

Why and how you should be using SnapChat as a REALTOR.


Snapchat is a real life way you can broadcast content on the fly to engage with people in your area. Think about that. There are people in your geographic area who are watching others in the area snap, broadcast, and watch. If you are doing the same, you can easily and quickly become a household name when it comes to the Real Estate market in your area. You can post “how to” videos, events from your day at work (good or bad), and examples of what consumers should look out for when it comes to real estate in the area. And when you lace all of that with personal events that happen with your family and personal life, you’ll engender trust in ways you didn’t think possible – because you’re coming across as a real person. Be sure to listen to these all stars to find out the wide variety of things these REALTORs are doing on SnapChat.

The most crucial point on SnapChat is authenticity.


The people you want to help in your Real Estate business appreciate dealing with others who are “real.” They don’t want (or need) a salesman, they need a trusted expert who cares about them. You’re able to broadcast yourself – who you are and how you operate – by using SnapChat to the people in your area. That enables your potential clients to see you in real life situations, in the middle of circumstances and opportunities they face, which makes you authentic in ways you can’t buy with advertising. SnapChat is a new medium that is just at the beginning and you should learn how to get yourself going on SnapChat now, before the platform is flooded.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:31] Welcome to this episode and how you can get connected with the guests in today’s episode.
  • [1:01] My introduction to the guys and gals on this episode.
  • [6:02] GROUP QUESTION: What is your favorite thing about Snapchat and what are the major opportunities you see using it?
  • [12:00] The way my SnapPack group of REALTORs has become so connected through SnapChat.
  • [14:41] What is SnapChat and how should it be used effectively?
  • [19:00] Concerns about privacy and permission when filming situations and people.
  • [22:16] Showing off local businesses and merchants as a Real Estate strategy.
  • [25:05] “How To” videos on SnapChat and the power of positioning.
  • [33:17] How SnapChat can be like reality TV and dealing with the fear in real life situations.
  • [38:11] Dealing with the “old timers” who don’t understand what you’re doing.
  • [39:01] What the group says to those who are not yet on SnapChat.
  • [43:05] How you can get the SnapChat contact info on all these great REALTORs.

Joining me in this episode

Dustin Brohm – Utah

Bucky Beeman – Minnesota

Marian Rosaaen – Washington DC

Dean Ouellette – Arizona

Eric Larkin – Forida

Alex Wang – California

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