For New Agents Who Are Feeling Like A Failure – Episode #57

Ep 57 Album coverToo many people get into the real estate business and take a course from some slick guy who teaches them to chase, chase, chase business. Of course, at first you need to go out and find clients, but it doesn’t take much of that to get you feeling like a failure. It’s a very hard grind to be successful in real estate, and you’re going to BE successful you’ve got to get yourself busy doing things that you enjoy that ALSO builds the connections that will lead to new business. On this episode of the podcast, I’m talking about why you feel like a failure, what you can do about it, and begin introducing the first “C” of my 3C course –  Clarity!


You might feel like a failure because you are comparing yourself to other agents.


Yes, there are tried and true things that work in the real estate industry. But more and more these days they are becoming “tried and untrue.” That’s because the culture has changed and sales methods that used to work simply don’t appeal to the customers who we’re dealing with these days. That means you’ve got to adapt. You’ve got to quit looking at what other agents are doing to drive their success and determine who you are and what fits YOU. I’m convinced that as you learn who you are and begin operating in your areas of strength you’ll find the real estate business to be much more enjoyable and profitable. You can hear more about this idea on this episode.


You don’t have to focus on your weaknesses. That could be EXACTLY why you feel like a failure.


Nobody likes to have weaknesses. I get it. But you have to be humble enough to admit that you’re human – therefore you are going to have weaknesses. But a great thing that’s just as true is that you also have strengths. Why not get clear on what your strengths are and begin working hard at amplifying the effect of those things? Your weaknesses won’t go away but they’ll begin to not matter so much. The success you start to experience from focusing on your strengths will overshadow that feeling of failure that plagues you and things will start to change!


Learn how to lead with your heart, not your head.


Do you suffer from a paralysis of analysis? Many new real estate agents do! They get hung up on the details of the steps they are supposed to be taking – calling FSBOs, sending out direct mail, doing open houses – instead of getting in touch with the kind of events, outreach, and connections they could make that are in alignment with who they are inside. You’ve got to learn how to lead (yourself) with your heart, not your head. On this episode, I unpack exactly what that means and how you can begin to unpack what’s inside of you for the sake of clarity in your business.


The agents who make it find confidence and build on it.


If you feel like a failure there’s one thing you’ve got to do yesterday. 🙂 You’ve got to find your source of confidence. I know, when you’re the new agent in the office it’s hard to feel very confident about a lot of things. But that can’t stop you because the agents who make it big find their source of confidence and build on it. I want you to succeed. My heart goes out to the new agent who knows he/she can make it in real estate but simply doesn’t know how to put it all together to create that success. If I’ve just described you, please listen to this episode. I’ve got some things to share with you – the new agent – that I believe will help you get out of the newbie rut and into the confidence zone. Ready? Give it a listen.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:27] My introduction and explanation of this crazy podcast!
  • [1:27] Why I want to talk to new agents on this episode.
  • [6:41] I’m opening up the juice bar again soon… send me your questions!
  • [8:40] Why you need to stop comparing yourself to other real estate agents.
  • [9:55] Why you need to double down on your strengths.
  • [11:15] Lead with your heart, not your head.
  • [12:34] Surround yourself with people who see your value.
  • [15:37] What do you do with these 5 things?
  • [19:19] Would you be interested in my course? Let me know.
  • [20:46] What it means for you to have a clear plan.


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