Instagram VS SnapChat: Which One Is Going to Dominate? – Episode #48

Ep 48 Album coverInstagram VS Snapchat – it’s shaping up to be the dual of the century!


OK, maybe not quite that big – but it is making some noise out there in the social media corridors of power that span the internet. The younger set tends to like SnapChat and is loudly saying it’s still the best. But many who have enjoyed the slick look and feel of Instagram are convinced that Instagram’s new “stories” function is going to put the final nail in the coffin of SnapChat. As you might have guessed, I have an opinion about this – and I’m going to share it with you on this episode.


Instagram stories: Is it the death of Snapchat?


Some people say that Instagram just struck the death blow to my old friend SnapChat but I’m not buying it. I mean come on! Couldn’t they come up with something better than to outright copy what SnapChat was already doing? I get it – similar features are a good thing but identical features? Really? But all that aside I think there are some pretty stark differences between the two platforms still and they are differences that make me lean toward SnapChat all the more. Want to hear what they are? I’m telling all – on this episode.


Real, Raw, and Down to Earth. That’s what I like about SnapChat.


Though I was bothered a little (OK, a lot) by the Instagram VS SnapChat talk when Instagram’s “stories” feature first came out, I’ve settled down a bit and now feel that my old friend SnapChat is in no danger at all. That’s because SnapChat is a way to interact that is much more real and raw. It’s people talking to people – much more of a messenger app than anything else. Instagram… well, that’s another thing altogether. It’s fancy, smooth, slick, and professional and I don’t think people are going to use it the same way they use SnapChat. That’s my opinion – and I’ve got more to say about it on this episode so please, come listen!

But a company account on Instagram just might be a cool thing.


It’s come to my attention that I could easily get all the agents in my office on the same Instagram account – and that could be pretty cool. With all of my agents sharing, posting to the new Instagram stories feature, highlighting the culture and feeling of our team – that could be a great way to get more content out there about why we are different than your normal real estate office. And I think that all of my agents would be more prone to use Instagram over SnapChat too. What do you think? Is it a cool idea? Let me know – and listen to the rest of the stuff I’ve got to say on this episode.


In a couple of weeks I’d love to answer your questions? Got any?


Every tenth episode of The Onion juice podcast I have decided to open up the juice bar. That’s my attempt at answering any questions or addressing any scenarios that you, the listeners, send it. If you have something you would like to run by me I’m happy to provide feedback or give you my perspective on what it is you’re facing or how I would handle your situation. Please send me your questions or comments and I would love to address them on the 50th episode, coming up in just a few weeks.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] What the Onion Juice podcast is all about.
  • [1:47] Instagram Stories: and why it drove me nuts!
  • [4:23] The history and chronology of SnapChat – and why I don’t see Instagram living up to it.
  • [7:26] If you need some input from me, I’d love to hear from you and respond on every 10th episode (50 is coming up!).
  • [8:46] After I settled down I was glad Instagram made this move.
  • [12:10] The power of Snapchat that many people simply don’t get.
  • [14:31] Could we create a company page with Instagram?
  • [17:30] I’d LOVE to hear from you about this topic. What do you think?


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