Huge opportunity awaits with Facebook LIVE – Episode 37

Ep 37 Album coverWant to learn how to attract business instead of chasing it? You probably already know that’s what Onion Juice is all about. This podcast is dedicated to helping realtors learn how to think outside the box. That’s why in this episode I’ve invited a real estate agent who’s absolutely crushing it with Facebook Live to teach us some tricks. Listen to him describe how within just the first couple months of using Facebook Live, he’s already seeing incredible results. 


My chest cavity is on fire! Um, don’t REALLY drink onion juice.


My guest in this episode took the Onion Juice challenge a little too far. That is, he took it literally! He drank onion juice and made a Facebook Live video of the event–including himself crying. Thankfully, he didn’t record the part where he got sick twice afterwards! Okay, not the smartest move. But this guy’s a genius when it comes to using Facebook Live. That’s why I’ve got him on in this episode. He’s one realtor who knows how to use the social media tools we’ve all got at our disposal to attract business. Learn from a true juicer!


Attract business without spending a dime on marketing? Yes please!


Our guest tells us about how he did just that using Facebook Live. Within just a couple weeks of launching his Facebook Live campaign, Justin Lindsey had lenders and title companies approaching him! Not to mention house deals he knows came directly from the videos he posted. This is what I mean by becoming a media company that just happens to sell real estate. This guy’s doing just that! Listen to him open up about how he’s doing it, and how his business grew 500% (WOW!) from where it was just a year before he started his live video initiative.


Keep it raw. Keep it real. Bedhead and all.


Don’t worry about looking good when you make your videos. Just make them. Be you! Our guest in this episode, Justin Lindsey talks about the time he literally rolled out of bed and made his daily video post on Facebook Live. Bedhead and all. And guess what, that video got a lot more engagement than his polished ones have. People want to see you, the real you, not some highly polished suit and tie version. Be vulnerable. Be real! You’re a realtor, but you’re a human first, so don’t hide that. Play it up! Learn from Justin more tips for keeping your videos real and effective.


I flirt with all the social media platforms. I ain’t proud. 😉


Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat–yep, I get around. And with Onion Juice my mission is to help other realtors think outside the box, become media companies who happen to sell real estate. This episode is an in depth discussion of how to use Facebook Live to attract business. Why aren’t more realtors doing this?! The results are amazing! Realtors always say, “Oh no, I don’t like to be on video.” But their faces are all over front lawns across town. Isn’t it exposure they want? Learn how to put yourself out there, not just on the front lawns of America, but on the virtual platforms they use everyday.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:36] Introducing a guy who’s absolutely crushing it on Facebook Live!
  • [6:15] This week in social media AmazonTube, Facebook’s Wise and Shine, and more!
  • [11:24] Our guest cries in a Facebook live video–drinking onion juice!
  • [16:13] Justin Lindsey answers my questions about how he uses Facebook Live.
  • [23:30] How bringing other folks in and using hashtags raises your numbers significantly.
  • [29:45] Video is where everyone is going, Facbook included.
  • [34:50] Tips for realtors who are hesitant to make videos or think they lack content.
  • [41:22] Why getting the bobcat in my backyard on social media was so important!

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