How to Get More Listings in 2024’s MUST MOVE market (Episode 438)

How to Get More Listings in 2024’s MUST MOVE market (Episode 438)

In the latest series of the Agent Rise Podcast, Neil Mathweg and Mindi Kessenich take us on a deep dive into the complexities and strategies of acquiring listings in the current real estate market. The journey begins with a candid reflection on personal breakthroughs and the subtle art of understanding client hesitation.

One pivotal moment comes from Mindi’s revelation about overfunctioning—how it creates an illusion that one must prove their worth excessively before asking for business. This mindset is a common trap for real estate professionals, often hindering their ability to connect and convert leads effectively. The series emphasizes the importance of introspection and confronting personal barriers to growth and success.

Neil and Mindi also highlight the underestimated power of your sphere of influence. Contrary to popular belief, the people you’ve helped in the past are not just past clients; they are potential gateways to new opportunities. Engaging with your sphere, whether they are settled with a “honey of a rate” or not, can open doors to referrals and new listings. It’s about maintaining that connection, reminding them of your presence in the real estate realm, and positioning yourself as a resource for their investment aspirations.

The duo also introduces practical tools like HomeBot, a sophisticated system that aids in keeping clients informed about their home’s value, fostering regular interaction, and cementing your role as their go-to real estate advisor.

As the series progresses, Neil and Mindi plan to unravel more strategies, focusing on different market segments and innovative ways to secure listings. Their conversational, insightful approach makes the Agent Rise Podcast a must-listen for any real estate professional aiming to thrive in today’s market. Stay tuned, engage with your sphere, and be the reason someone smiles in your real estate journey today!

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Getting Listings Sold in Today’s Real Estate Market (Episode 425)

Getting Listings Sold in Today’s Real Estate Market (Episode 425)

Mastering Today’s Real Estate Market: Getting Listings Sold in Today’s Real Estate Market

The real estate world is evolving, bringing new challenges for agents who want to sell properties. Getting listings sold in today’s real estate market can be challenging. Listings that used to fly off the market now sit longer, prompting agents to seek new strategies. On the Agent Rise Podcast, Neil Mathweg gave agents some answers, offering insights that can redefine their selling approach.

Harness the Three P’s: Pictures, Price, and Property

  • Pictures: In our tech-driven era, images give the first impression of any property. Neil advises agents to choose quality, angle, and appeal carefully. Unflattering photos can deter potential buyers. He recommends removing unappealing photos and using tools like BoxBrownie to enhance others. It’s essential to capture every essential aspect of a property.
  • Price: While everyone acknowledges the importance of pricing, Neil offers a fresh take. He advises agents to evaluate and improve the property first. Only after this should you consider price adjustments. It’s not just about the number; perceived value also plays a role.
  • Property: How a property is presented matters immensely. Neil emphasizes listening to feedback from potential buyers. If they don’t feel impressed, you should make changes. Simple tweaks, such as staging or decor adjustments, can have a significant impact.

Innovate the Selling Process in Getting Listings Sold in Today’s Real Estate Market

After mastering the Three P’s, Neil encourages agents to think outside the box. For instance, you can generate interest by pairing a new price with an open house. This tactic often leads to more people attending open houses and more offers.

Communication is Key

Keeping sellers informed fosters trust. Regular updates ensure clients feel valued and involved. For example call your clients every Tuesday to give them an update on anything regarding their listing.

Broaden Your Horizons

In tricky market situations, Neil suggests agents:

  1. Stay Connected: Keep lines of communication open with potential buyers.
  2. Seek Opportunities: Look for agents with clients who fit your property’s profile.
  3. Expand Marketing: Don’t just stick to traditional platforms. Use platforms like Facebook Marketplace, local buy/sell groups, and even Craigslist.

Conclusion: Aim to Excel

Real estate is always changing. But with the core principles of the three P’s, innovative selling tactics, and a proactive approach, agents can excel. As Neil Mathweg wisely says, the goal is not just to get through tough times but to come out stronger.


How To Build A Real Business You Love in 90 Days (Plus Highlights from Breakthrough Week) (Episode 420)

How To Build A Real Business You Love in 90 Days (Plus Highlights from Breakthrough Week) (Episode 420)

In this episode, hosts Neil Mathweg and Mindi Kessenich discuss the highlights and insights gained from the Agent Rise Breakthrough Week. They touch upon the importance of consistency, the challenges of the current market, and the value of being a part of a community. The duo also emphasizes the areas of opportunity in today’s market and introduces listeners to the Agent Rise Bootcamp, which promises to provide agents with a clear and congruent plan for success. To take the next step in building a business you love to go and schedule your discovery call today.

The world of real estate is always evolving. The challenge, however, is to keep up with these changes and adapt your strategies to remain successful. In the recent Agent Rise Breakthrough Week, hosted by Neil Mathweg and co-hosted by Mindi Kessenich, several breakthrough agents shared their experiences and strategies for success in the market.

One of the significant themes that emerged during this week was the importance of persistence and consistency. There isn’t a magic button that can ensure immediate success. Instead, success in real estate requires a robust framework, planning, and hard work.

Another consistent theme was the importance of community. The real estate community is not just about competing against each other. It’s about growing and rising together. The stories shared during the week emphasized the importance of being a part of a supportive community, which provides guidance and mentorship.

Additionally, in these challenging times, the focus has shifted from people who want to move to those who need to move. This has opened up new opportunities in areas like senior living, relocations, investments, and new construction (with a lack of inventory).

For those keen on refining their strategies and adopting a robust plan congruent with their personalities and the current market, the Agent Rise Bootcamp is an excellent place to start. To take the next step in building a business you love to go and schedule your discovery call today.

Michael Caraway Agent Rise Breakthrough: From Uncertainty to Unstoppable

Michael Caraway Agent Rise Breakthrough: From Uncertainty to Unstoppable

Michael Caraway

Are you ready for a transformative journey in your real estate career? In this episode of the Agent Rise Podcast, we bring you a powerful story of change and growth. Michael Caraway joins Neil Mathway, TJ McGraw, and Mindy for Agent Rise Breakthrough Week, sharing his incredible transformation over the past year.

From Busy to Productive

When Michael began his journey with Agent Rise, he was busy but not productive. He had a burning desire to make a change and unlock his true potential. The first step was to address his limiting beliefs and shift his focus towards a clear vision for his business.

Mindset Transformation

Michael’s story highlights the power of transforming your mindset. He recognized the importance of redirecting his thoughts away from fear, doubt, and distractions, and toward what he truly wanted in life. This shift led to newfound peace of mind and control over his destiny.

From Short-Form to Long-Form Content

Many real estate professionals are drawn to short-form content, but Michael discovered that it wasn’t always reaching the right audience. He shifted his strategy by creating long-form content on YouTube, targeting those actively seeking information about Dallas real estate. The results were remarkable.

Quality Leads on YouTube

Michael emphasizes that the leads he generated from YouTube were of higher quality. By providing valuable content, he gained the trust and credibility of potential clients even before the first interaction. Quality leads translate to more successful transactions and satisfied clients.

Systems and Processes for Success

Agent Rise provided Michael with invaluable systems and processes that enhanced efficiency and confidence. Tasks that used to be overwhelming, like writing offers, became streamlined and manageable. Having a clear plan in place allowed him to focus on helping his clients.

Three Stages of Transformation

Michael’s journey with Agent Rise can be broken down into three stages:

  1. Immediate Impact: Upon joining Agent Rise, Michael experienced instant benefits from the ecosystem. He discovered processes and operations that freed up time and boosted confidence.
  2. Focus and Clarity: Michael solidified his three-pillar plan, which brought focus and direction to his business. Mastering specific strategies and holding himself accountable allowed him to achieve clarity.
  3. Mindset and Healing: As the third stage unfolded, Michael recognized that past wounds were affecting his mindset. Agent Rise helped him identify and address these issues, enabling him to unlock his full potential.

Take Action and Stay in Motion

One crucial lesson from Michael’s journey is the importance of taking action and staying in motion. Even when you’re not sure what to do, trying different approaches and staying active in your real estate career can lead to breakthroughs.

Join Agent Rise Bootcamp

If you’re inspired by Michael’s story and want to embark on your own breakthrough journey, now is the perfect time to join Agent Rise Bootcamp. Starting on September 21st, you’ll receive guidance, support, and a clear plan to elevate your real estate business.

Book Your Discovery Call

To get started, book a discovery call. The Agent Rise community is eager to welcome you and help you achieve your goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your career and become the reason someone smiles today.

Robert Taylor’s Agent Rise Breakthrough: Turning Service into Success In His Neighborhood (Episode 418)

Robert Taylor’s Agent Rise Breakthrough: Turning Service into Success In His Neighborhood (Episode 418)

Robert Taylor Breakthrough Story Cover

From Firehouse to Open House: How Robert Taylor Broke Through with Agent Rise

Robert Taylor is not your typical real estate agent. He’s also a career firefighter, a pool service business owner, and now, a real estate trailblazer. In this episode of our “Agent Rise Breakthrough Week,” Robert shares how he worked according to a vision of being the best agent in his neighborhood.

How It All Began

Robert’s journey into real estate wasn’t exactly planned. For years, he juggled his roles as a firefighter and a pool service business owner. But he saw the untapped potential in the real estate world. Like many, he took the leap, studying for his real estate license in secret, even from his wife! His hard work paid off when he aced the license test on his first try. But it was only the beginning.

The Struggles

Initially, Robert dabbled in flipping houses but soon realized that it wasn’t the right fit. What he truly wanted was to serve others, just as he had in his other roles. He found this purpose in helping families find their dream homes.

Discovering Agent Rise

Robert stumbled upon Neil Mathweg and Agent Rise (well it was Roundbox and Neil Mathweg Caoching back then, but that’s another story) while searching for a path in real estate. He immediately connected with Neil’s approach, which emphasized building your sphere of influence and serving clients authentically. The tipping point was the first Agent Rise Bootcamp, where Robert discovered the strategies he needed to scale his business.

The Power of Mentorship

For Robert, Neil’s mentorship was crucial in his journey. Neil advised him when to pull back and when to push forward. Robert says he still values the “nuggets of wisdom” he picked up from Neil, even as his business has grown.

Scaling to Success

Today, Robert is a part-time real estate agent, but his results are anything but part-time. Closing around 25 deals a year, he is a consistent top performer in his market. He attributes this success to the fundamental pillars taught at Agent Rise: focusing on your sphere of influence, chasing, and attracting clients.

A Heart to Serve

Robert’s ethos is simple – serving people with authenticity. He takes the service-first mindset from his firefighting and pool service careers into real estate. Whether it’s by going the extra mile at client events or providing thoughtful gifts, Robert always seeks to do just a “little bit more.”

Ready to Rise?

Inspired by Robert’s breakthrough? Then don’t miss the opportunity to join our upcoming Agent Rise Bootcamp starting on September 21st. Learn the tips, tricks, and tactics to turn your real estate dreams into a rewarding reality.
We invite you to listen to the full episode to hear more about Robert’s incredible journey and the powerful ways that Agent Rise can make a difference in your life.
Are you ready to write your own success story? Join Agent Rise today and let us help you rise to the top.  Book your discovery call today!

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