Real Estate Agents: Be Different – Like I Have For The Past Year! – Episode 52

Ep 52 Album coverYou’ve GOT to be different if you’re going to stand out in the real estate space.


This episode of The Onion Juice Podcast marks the one year anniversary – 52 weeks of podcasts aimed at helping you break out of the real estate marketing straightjacket you were taught to wear so that you can create a business and life that can really flourish. Most of that has to do with being different than the rest of the agents out there and this last year I’ve dedicated myself to teaching you some of the things I’ve found that have helped me do that. I’m going to revisit some of those concepts on this episode AND tell you the results of some of my efforts as well. I hope you take the time to listen. The last year has been a blast and I’d love for you to get in on the fun!


Why being different really matters for real estate agents.


I guess it’s possible that you haven’t noticed – and if you haven’t you need to check your eyesight – that the marketing world is getting noisier and noisier. All the agents out there shouting about their last sale, the houses they have listed, and the reasons you should work with them is staggering. And most of them are doing it WRONG because they are doing it the same way everybody else is doing it. On this one year anniversary episode of The Onion Juice Podcast, I’m walking you through my 7 favorite episodes so far to give you the flavor of what it’s like to drink real estate onion juice when everyone else is drinking orange juice. It’s how you stand out and it’s how you succeed in the modern era of real estate sales. Give this a listen, OK?


New agents need to be different from day one.


Back in episode 7 of the Onion Juice podcast, I devoted the entire episode to what I would do if I were a brand new agent starting out in a brand new town. I really have a soft spot in my heart for new agents because I think they’re being taught a lot of OLD ways of doing business that don’t work in the NEW world we’re living in. They need a new kind of training that is aligned with the way the world actually is today. On this episode, I revisit that important issue and tell you some things you can do to get started as a brand new agent that will set you apart from the crowd.

You’ve got to learn how to attract customers to you.


One of the PRIMARY ways you need to be different as a real estate agent is to be busy attracting people instead of chasing them. That’s one of the main things I hammer on the Onion Juice podcast. There are attractional models of marketing that actually work these days when the old methods of marketing are failing abysmally. And the change starts in your head. You’ve got to think differently. You’ve got to understand your potential clientele from a new perspective. On this episode (my one year anniversary episode) you’ll get to hear highlights from the shows of the past year… and make sure you pay attention to how many times I talk about attracting customers.


Don’t be a lurker! I want to hear from you.


I know – I KNOW that there are many more people who listen to The Onion Juice Podcast than I actually interact with. I get it – BUT, I’d love to know who you are and how I can help you on your road to real estate riches and success. Honestly, I’d be happy to shoot emails back and forth, jump on a Facebook chat session, or even chat on the good old telephone. People are often shocked that I’d do that but hey, it’s one of the best and most fun parts of what I do. So please, stop lurking and introduce yourself. I’d love to make a genuine connection with YOU!


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:30] My introduction to this anniversary episode (and why I will NOT be drinking onion juice on the air).
  • [1:20] Why I’m surprised at where the show has come in one year.
  • [3:59] Why this became a podcast in the first place.
  • [6:10] My top episodes (I’m going to reminisce).
  • [8:31] Why I’m passionate about helping new agents.
  • [11:25] My 7th favorite episode – episode 44: Listing mistakes agents make.
  • [13:04] My 6th favorite episode – episode 38: Set it and forget it.
  • [14:34] My 5th favorite episode – episode 27: How to have confidence as an agent.
  • [16:42] My 4th favorite episode – episode 26 – What I’d do if I were starting over
  • [19:07] My 3rd favorite episode – episode 13 – The cheese and whiskers concept.
  • [20:46] My 2nd favorite episode – episode 7 – How brand new agents should start.
  • [23:13] The #1 most downloaded episode – episode 33 – How to stir it up on Facebook.
  • [26:36] The growth of the podcast astounds me… and how the curve happened.
  • [27:56] The least downloaded episode – episode 8: being vulnerable.


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