Don’t Let Overthinking Stop You in Your Tracks! – Episode #208

Don’t Let Overthinking Stop You in Your Tracks! – Episode #208

Do you struggle with overthinking every decision you want or need to make? Have you thought about launching something for a while and just can’t seem to make it happen? In this episode of Agent Rise, I talk all about the problem of overthinking—and how you can overcome what’s holding you back.

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that don’t exist

As humans, we tend to want everything to be perfect. We mull ideas over in our heads and let anxiety run its course—and remain at the starting line. We tell ourselves:

“When everything falls into place, then I’ll launch _____.”

“I’ll finally do _____ when the timing is right.”

“Once I get to _____ then I will do _____.”

Let’s be honest with ourselves—nothing will ever be perfect and you will never be 100% ready. That’s just how it is. Maybe you have an idea for a YouTube channel, a blog, or even a podcast that you’ve been wanting to launch. I’m here to tell you to just do it.

Don’t let lies and limiting beliefs hold you back.

Failure only happens when you quit, right? So sit down and work through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Take your idea, bring it into the light, and learn lessons as you go. You will never find a better time than now. Life will always get in the way. Roadblocks always arise. Take those roadblocks and challenges and allow yourself to learn and grow from them.

Procrastination is the enemy of progress

I know you’ve heard me say “How you do something is how you do everything”, right? Procrastination in one area of your life will feed over into everything else. Don’t spend your life holding yourself back from the great things you are capable of doing. Take your idea, run with it, and see where it takes you.

My challenge to you today:

What is it that you want to start that you haven’t started?

What is holding you back?

Do something today to overcome overthinking and finally move forward.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Stop overthinking things
  • [4:00] Stop creating problems that don’t exist
  • [5:40] The timing will never be perfect
  • [7:10] How you do something is how you do everything
  • [8:50] Work through the lies and limiting beliefs
  • [9:20] What is it that you want to start that you haven’t started?

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