Why Stuck Agents Still Shouldn’t Quit Real Estate – Episode #179

Why Stuck Agents Still Shouldn’t Quit Real Estate - Episode #179

There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t talk to a stuck agent who wants to quit real estate. While there are a select few who may need to move on, the majority of stuck agents are just a few practical steps away from turning it all around. No matter how far away you feel from success or how long you have been there I believe there is still hope for you yet. So stop looking at job listings and press play on this episode!

It’s time to start commanding fear out of your life

Fear is the stuck agent’s worst enemy. Some agents are so scared of their ability to handle the workload of success that they shy away from doing the things that would give them more than one client at a time. The root of fear (and specifically fear of success) is often a limiting belief. “I can’t do this because…fill in the blank”. It doesn’t really matter what that blank is because almost 100 percent of the time it’s a lie. The blank is something we picked up along the way, either from people or circumstances, that tells us we are not enough. It tells us that no matter what we do we will never succeed. Friend, hear me when I tell you that is an absolute lie. It’s time to start commanding fear out of your life and tearing down limiting beliefs! I believe in you and this episode will help you start the journey of getting your mind ready for success.

Overcome shiny object syndrome

The more I coach stuck agents the more I realize one thing: Stuck agents are often great students and terrible at applying what they’ve learned. What I mean is that it’s usually easy and fun to learn all about real estate, but when it comes down to actually doing the work a lot of agents fall short. The reason? They have shiny object syndrome. They obsess over the latest strategy that will “explode their business” only to forget about it next month when a new one comes to light. They never stick with anything long enough for it to actually produce results or they only do something if it’s fun. The problem with the latter is that the steps that lead you to success aren’t always fun. Sometimes they are tedious and require a great deal of self-discipline. If I’m describing you right now, don’t get discouraged! Listen to this episode because I want to help.

Commit to making a change

You will never be able to gain consistency in your life and real estate business without taking on your limiting beliefs and the clutter in your business strategy. They are distractions and you will always gravitate towards the wrong things if you don’t face this now and from now on. I say that because if fear is something you’ve dealt with in the past you may be tempted to let it creep back into your life as you experience new levels of success. Or maybe you used to consistently chose what was fun and enjoyable over hard and necessary work. That is something that requires a daily commitment to overcome. Identify where fear and distractions are getting in the way of your success and commit to taking the necessary steps to ensure that they stay out of the way.

Start doing the RIGHT things

Once you get your head in the right place and recognize the distractions in your strategy, it’s time to focus on the things that will drive your business. You need a great chase pillar that will generate leads. You need a matchmaking system that will convert those leads and a business tracker to help you stay on top of your calls and mailings. Then you need to day block so that you can stay consistent in your strategy and get the results that come out of that. It sounds simple, but so many agents go after the fun and flashy business plan over a strategy that is clear and congruent to them. Don’t be that person. Be an uncommon agent and put the work in now so that you can reap the benefits for years to come.

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:50] The last thing a stuck agent who wants to succeed should believe
  • [6:07] How to know if fear is running your life and your business
  • [8:26] Eliminating distractions and decluttering your business
  • [12:14] Recapping the steps to get unstuck
  • [14:50] The right things you need to do in order to drive your business

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