Relationship Marketing: Leveraging Marketing to Gain More Relationships – Episode #49

Ep 49 Album coverIf you can figure out this relationship marketing thing, you’ll win in the long run.

That’s because people buy from and work with people – not companies or experts. Of course, there are exceptions to that statement but overall people will work with the person they trust. So if you spend your time building relationships through the WAY you market you’re going to find people coming to you when it’s time for them to buy or sell a home. On this episode, I’m walking you through how I see this relational marketing thing working today. I hope you’ll take the time to listen.


We real estate agents only have two things we can market: our properties and ourselves.


I for one will market myself first every time. It’s not because I’m an egotist and think I’m the bomb, it’s because I want to get to know people and build relationships that last. I firmly believe that people will use me as an agent when I attract them – and I’ll attract them when they are able to get to know me – and start to like me – and want to connect with me socially. When I’m their friend it’s much easier to become their agent when the time to buy or sell comes. I believe it… and I feel like I’ve proved it over and over in my career. On this episode I’m going to give you some tips on how you can market yourself most of all.

Keep your inspirational quotes to yourself and get real with me brother!


I’m noticing a lot lately that agents are trying to position themselves as experts – posting lots of quotes and pithy sayings on social media. I guess that’s OK except that I don’t think it’s really what we need to be going for. You need to let people see the real you, the guy who lives a normal life like they do. They don’t need your inspirational quotes, they need your real life interaction. That’s how they’re going to get to know, like, and trust you – and THAT is the basis for every business transaction. I’m waxing philosophical about the issue of relationship marketing on this episode – and that’s just a taste.


A great way to build a common bond and attract people is to express passion about your city.


In case you haven’t noticed I really love Madison, Wisconsin. It’s my town, my place, my home – and I’ll talk about Madison to anyone who will listen. In some ways my passion for my town has made me a “go to” guy when it comes to people seeking advice about what to do, where to go, places to experience, etc. in Madison. And when they want to buy or sell a home in Madison, guest who they think of. Not you – me. 🙂 I want you to be able to do the same thing in your town and I’m going to show you how on this episode.


What’s on your mind? I need to know for the next episode.


Every 10 episodes I do what I call “The Juice Bar” – an episode where I respond to questions or comments that listeners have left for me. Next episode is the big 5-0 and I need a few more questions to fill up the hopper. Have you got something on your mind when it comes to this relational marketing stuff, social media, or attraction instead of chasing? I’d love to interact with your thoughts on the next episodes. Would you mind sharing them with me? Take a listen to learn how you can let me know what you’d like me to address next week.


Outline of this great episode


  • [1:20] The method behind the madness of the Onion Juice podcast.
  • [4:40] The dollar shave club proves that marketing wins.
  • [10:40] We have two things we can market: ourselves or our homes.
  • [13:52] Content that makes you more real to  your followers attracts people.
  • [16:51] Why being passionate about your city is a winner.
  • [20:42] How you can connect with me – and send me your questions for the next episode.


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