Real Estate Coaching Results That Matter, with Kelly Shipp: Riser of The Month – Episode #202

Real Estate Coaching Results That Matter, with Kelly Shipp: Riser of The Month – Episode #202

Naturally, I believe that if you’re going to get real estate coaching, results are what matters. You’ll be wasting your money if you enter into a coaching relationship that doesn’t work for you. That’s why it’s so important to do your homework if you’re looking for a coach. The person you hire has to fit your personality have the insight to understand what motivates you, and feel confident that they can speak to you in a way that you can actually hear and be moved by.

This episode is a demonstration of how all of that could play out. I talk with Kelly Shipp, the first-ever “Riser of the Month.” Riser of the Month is an award I’m handing out to one of my coaching students each month, highlighting the progress they’ve made in following the steps we’ve laid out for them in our coaching sessions. Kelly talks about her coaching experience, how her business has transformed, the difference it makes for her when she builds her business according to a vision rather than according to her needs, and a whole lot more.


Why Kelly decided to reach out to me to coach her in her real estate business

Kelly’s story is pretty typical. She found herself in a place where she was frantically working, scrambling to keep up with all the things required to acquire clients, list homes, do the paperwork, attend closings, etc. – and it was exhausting. More importantly, she didn’t feel like she was getting anywhere. She tried to do things to help her manage things better, but all the podcasts and programs she tried didn’t seem to help.

As she listened to Agent Rise, Kelly felt that she and I were wired similarly and that something about the way I went about things resonated with her. So she decided to reach out to me. An important thing to note is that Kelly decided to get coaching before she had a team of her own. She was working as an agent in another broker’s office. That shows the initiative and drive this fiery woman has. Listen to hear how our coaching relationship took off, what she’s been able to accomplish as a result, and how she recommends you go about finding a coach who fits you!

Real estate coaching results come when you know what to do and then do it

One of the key points Kelly made during our conversation is that you need an objective person to speak to you about what’s going on in your business. It’s important because you are not able to see yourself (or your business) clearly. You’ll get distracted, bogged down in details you shouldn’t be handling, and much more if you try to go it alone.

But it’s just as important that the person you select to coach you has the experience and knowledge required to help you move in the right direction. If they don’t it’s like expecting your grandmother or your cousin Joe to help you when they’ve never run a business or worked in the real estate industry before. Stop spinning your wheels and trying random program after random program. It’s time to get the personalized help you need by tapping into the wisdom and insight of a good coach.

Information alone won’t get the results you’re after

Kelly was consuming everything she could find to help her manage and improve the workflows and strategies in her real estate business. But she wasn’t getting anywhere. She says that she’d hear great advice one day, try to implement it, then hear more great advice the next day – and wind up being distracted from the first thing she heard. Have you ever been in those shoes?

It wasn’t that Kelly was getting bad information, she simply wasn’t sure how to keep it all sorted out and prioritized, or how to create a plan to implement it. That is one of the greatest results of coaching, helping you objectively assess strategies, opportunities, and plans so that you can intentionally do the very best, most important things that will move your business forward.

The power of building your business on a vision, not according to your current needs

Most of us have lived out the following scenario at one time or another – we strive and work in our real estate business in an effort to pay the bills – and that’s it. It’s a job, and we don’t have much more reason for what we’re doing than that. Kelly was in that same boat. Of course, she had dreams of where she wanted to go in life but wasn’t organizing and working her business in a way that could fuel those dreams.

That is how it was for her until she and I began coaching. One of the primary coaching results that Kelly has received so far is that she’s now crystal clear on her vision and is building her business to make it happen. She and her husband want to live full time in an RV in the coming years so they can travel the country together. It’s an incredible dream, but it can’t happen if she’s tied to a desk in a real estate office, can it? So how’s she going to accomplish it? Listen to find out.


Outline of this great episode

  • [4:29] Who is Kelly Ship, the first Riser of the Month?
  • [6:08] Business before Kelly started working the Riser Steps
  • [7:55] How simplifying and amplifying makes a huge difference
  • [9:55] How Kelly changed her Open House strategy to something that works for her
  • [11:44] The Sphere of Influence piece: Kelly’s approach
  • [13:35] Why building a team is fueling Kelly’s long term dreams
  • [19:14] Why information alone won’t get you the results you are looking for
  • [26:23] Working according to a vision rather than according to needs

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