How To Stop Settling For Good Enough – Episode #189

How To Stop Settling For Good Enough – Episode #189

How To Stop Settling For Good Enough - Episode #189


Are you ready to stop settling? Do you find yourself in the same income category year after year with no idea how to break the cycle? Do you feel like getting to “good enough” is all you will ever be good for? The truth is that the limits on your life are mostly self-imposed and in order to break through them you have to figure out where they are coming from in the first place. It’s time to dig deep on this week’s episode of the Agent Rise Podcast.

Crush your comfort zone

Jim Collins once said that “Good is the enemy of great”. This means that if your goals are simply to maintain the status quo you are dreaming too small or not at all. You may not be failing, but “getting by” should never be a benchmark in your business. Don’t let comfort lull you into complacency. Be bold! Take risks! Do the things no one else is willing to do so you can live like no one else will get to live. One of the big catchphrases right now is “work/life balance”. By no means am I knocking the need for balance in your life. You absolutely need to have clear boundaries between work and rest. What you CAN’T afford to do is let balance be an excuse to not be bold and give everything you’ve got to your real estate business. Don’t rob the world of what you could have created if you really tried.

Changing your perspective will change your business

Something that revolutionized my world is intentionally seeing my business as a business. If your business is something you can’t walk away from without the wheels falling off and everything bursting into flames then you don’t have a business. What you have is a job. Gainful employment and nothing more. This is why it’s crucial to build teams as a means to growth in your real estate business. Successfully built teams will multiply your revenue and decrease your workload. Stop equating the amount of revenue you want to make with the amount of time it will take to make it. The root of that mindset is one that refuses to allow other capable people from doing jobs that they can do well and you don’t need to be doing. You actually gain control of your future when you release control of your workload.

Teach your agents to fish

Too many real estate agents believe the myth that you HAVE to be a rainmaker in order to build and lead a team. The money you’ll spend on leads alone chasing that lie will make breaking even a task in and of itself. There is a better way friends! Rather than taking on the sole responsibility of distributing fish (so to speak) to your agents, develop solid systems that will teach your agents to fish for themselves. You don’t have to build a team based on your production. It is not your job to spoon feed your agents success. YOUR job as a team leader is to coach, mentor, and empower your team to obtain success for themselves. By eliminating a rainmaker mentality you will severely reduce your stress and allow your agents to develop their own unique identity in real estate.

Let the score take care of itself

Bill Walsh, one of the most successful and influential coaches in NFL history, wrote a compelling book entitled The Score Takes Care Of Itself. In summary, when you focus on the fundamentals and your responsibility to those core disciplines the results will follow naturally. The same can be said of your real estate business. If you constantly focus on the deficit between where you’re at and where you want to be you will never remain focused enough to accomplish the things that will actually get you there. You have to work according to your vision and not according to your needs. Don’t let one failure derail your entire strategy. Stay focused and keep working the clear plan that is congruent to you and I promise the score will take care of itself.

Outline of this great episode

  • [3:42] The impact of culture on our desire to conform
  • [6:18] Do you just have a job or do you run a business?
  • [9:13] Debunking the rainmaker myth
  • [13:45] Abundance mindset vs. fixed mindset
  • [11:06] Is keeping score keeping your from breakthrough?

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