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“Isn’t Time You Stop Spinning Your Wheels?”

Whether you’re a new agent or you’re just feeling stuck…

…Not knowing your next step is discouraging.

You’ve looked for help, but sorting through all the “try-this-tactic and use-this-strategy advice” is overwhelming at best. Don’t you wish someone would just tell you where to start and point you in the right direction? I will. And I’ll walk alongside you as long as you need me to.

With Agent Rise, you’ll have the coaching and resources you need to build a business you love. I’m talking about an actual, step-by-step plan to:

  • Step off the commission roller coaster and feel financially secure.
  • Unlock the secrets to working smarter, not harder.
  • Find and convert leads you’ll actually enjoy working with.
  • Avoid common pitfalls that keep agents from profiting.
  • Know exactly what to do each day to meet your goals.
  • Get unstuck so you can build the life you want.

The roadmap you need—and so much more.

Business Development and Strategy

This isn’t just about strategies; it’s about aligning them with your passion for real estate. Here, you’ll find the blueprints for building a business that resonates with your aspirations, from setting goals that excite you to engagement tactics that feel authentically you. It’s about creating a business strategy that feels less like work and more like a dream coming true.

Client Interaction and Relationship Building

Imagine forging client relationships that aren’t just profitable, but also genuinely fulfilling. This category teaches you to create connections that transcend the usual business transactions, focusing on interactions that bring joy to both you and your clients. It’s where your love for real estate meets the art of meaningful connections.

Digital Marketing and Online Presence

This is about demystifying the overwhelm that is digital marketing and empowering you with clarity and confidence so you can leverage online tools in a way that reflects your unique style and passion for real estate. From captivating YouTube content to engaging social media strategies, it’s about crafting an online presence that you’re proud to call your own.

Everything inside the Agent Rise Academy
(but it’s constantly growing)…

Agent Rise Bootcamp™

This 12 week program that is the launchpad to your success. By the end, you’ll have a personalized plan tailored to your strengths—and you’ll know exactly how to follow it.

A woman smiling and daydreaming, with the text 'WEEK 1 Dream with the lid off' along with the AgentRise Bootcamp logo and 'presented by Neil Mathweg'.

Learning To Dream With the Lid Off

  • Tap into the true potential of your career by creating a vivid vision that fuels your actions.
  • Take control of your life narrative by recognizing the opportunities that await in today’s market.
  • Set the stage with clarity to ensure that you have transformative 12 week journey.
Three professionals in an office setting with one man in focus pointing at a wall-mounted storyboard, with text 'WEEK 2 Your Plan from 30,000'' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Getting Clarity Of Your Plan at 30k feet

  • Gain a top-down perspective on your business, clearing the fog and focusing on the core pillars that matter. 
  • Uncover the confidence to overcome mailing fears as you dive deeper into planning and engagement tracking. 
  • Receive tools and templates for consistently engaging your audience, from newsletters to apps.
A cheerful woman shaking hands with another person, with the text 'WEEK 3 Pillar #1 - Leveraging Your Sphere of Influence' and the AgentRise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Leveraging Your SOI (without the cringe)

  • Master the art of database building to put the right people on your radar.
  • Leverage the power of a well-crafted announcement letter that serves, not sells.
  • Implement proven daily practices to keep you & your business on track.
A woman in a yellow blouse reading a newsletter in a kitchen setting, with text 'WEEK 4 SOI - Highly Effective Newsletters' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

SOI – Highly Effective Newsletters

  • Leverage newsletters for maintaining relationships (not as a generic farming tactic.)
  • Get the secret to overcoming your resistance to phone calls. (spoiler: it’s not “try-harder”)
  • Learn what essential components ensure your newsletters deliver ROI.
  • Send your first announcement letter, crossing a major milestone in client engagement.
A contemplative woman with her finger on her temple, with the text 'WEEK 5 Chase Pillar - Pros and Cons' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Chase Pillar – Pros and Cons

  • Identify the chase pillar(s) that align with your unique skills and interests.
  • Make an informed choice on your primary focus for chasing.
  • Get tailored advice on why specific methods may or may not work for you.
A man engrossed in reading a book, with a lightbulb idea symbol above his head and flying money in the background, with the text 'WEEK 6 Chase Pillar - How To’s' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Chase Pillar How-to’s

  • Take confident steps to activate your chosen chase pillar, from open houses to Facebook ads.
  • Execute tailored strategies for your specific niche, be it seniors or investors.
  • Receive expert guidance on starting your chase pillar effectively.
An exuberant couple celebrating with a key in front of a home, with the text 'WEEK 7 MATCHMAKING' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Matchmaking (Middle of the Funnel)

  • Learn techniques to keep leads engaged and progressing through your funnel.
  • Master the engagement & lead tracker tools to systemize your processes.
  • Get hands-on training on maintaining a healthy middle of the funnel.
A real estate agent reviewing documents with a couple, with the text 'WEEK 8 WORKING WITH BUYERS' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Working with Buyers

  • Master the consultation process like a pro, ensuring both parties get the most out of it.
  • Gain mastery over adding buyers to your matchmaker system.
  • Walk away with effective methods for turning prospective buyers into committed clients.
A happy woman with a laptop and boxes, celebrating a success, with the text 'WEEK 9 WORKING WITH SELLERS' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Working with Sellers

  • Master the seller consultation process, positioning yourself as the go-to agent for listings.
  • Acquire the skills for correctly pricing properties in a fluctuating market.
  • Learn how to effectively turn sellers into lasting business relationships.
An excited woman holding a smartphone and a large social media like icon, with the text 'WEEK 10 ATTRACTION PILLAR - SOCIAL AGENT' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Attraction Pillar – Social Agent

  • Employ social media as a magnet for client engagement rather than a loudspeaker for broadcasting.
  • Learn how to become not just a real estate agent, but a valued community member online.
  • Uncover secrets to mastering a “See.Like.Ask” strategy for growing your network.
A woman with headphones speaking into a microphone, with a YouTube play button icon, text 'WEEK 11 ATTRACTION PILLAR - YOUTUBE' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Attraction Pillar YouTube

  • Create YouTube content that is aligned with your business growth objectives.
  • Dive into keyword research tailored to maximize your video reach.
  • Get your hands on lead generation magnets that command attention and drive action.
A group of joyful friends taking a selfie, with the text 'WEEK 12 SPHERE OF INFLUENCE 2.0' and the Agent Rise Bootcamp logo, presented by Neil Mathweg.

Sphere of Influence 2.0

  • Turn your client list into a fan club with tools and systems designed to exceed expectations.
  • Master the Client Events as a way to grow your business organically.
  • Learn how to elevate standard customer service into memorable experiences that “wow” your clients.

Goal Planning – 12 Week Goals – Agent Rise Planner

At Agent Rise, goal planning is all about pairing your personal dreams with your professional goals, using our special Agent Rise planner. We focus on the gains you’ve already made, encouraging big dreams with our ‘vivid vision’ approach. Our system sets goals in 12-week blocks, making big ambitions more manageable and keeping you motivated as you move from one achievement to the next. We believe in setting goals that truly matter to you and fit with what you value in life.

A woman focused on writing in a notebook at a minimalist white desk, with bold text 'GOAL PLANNING' and '12 WEEK YEAR' on a contrasting black and pink background.
"A focused businessman looking at a laptop with a graphic overlay saying 'GOAL PLANNING PART 2' with a lightbulb symbol, and a Pinterest 'Save' button
Two books on a wooden table, one titled 'AGENT RISE' by Neil Mathweg and another titled '12 WEEK PLANNER' by Agent Rise."

World Class Service Systems For Buyers & Sellers

This content discusses five ways that real estate agents can ensure successful transactions. It outlines measures such as pre-qualifying buyers, setting boundaries and expectations, matchmaking for buyers, creating a “Deal of the Week” campaign, and qualifying buyers. Additionally, the content provides tips on how to create memorable experiences and find and incentivize showing assistants. Finally, it encourages agents to focus on need-based markets and nurture consumer confidence.

Pillar #1 Sphere of Influence

Inside the Agent Rise Accademy,  we’ve refined the process of leveraging your sphere of influence into an art form—one that’s effective without feeling forced. Our approach teaches you how to build a robust database, pinpointing the right contacts to bring into your circle. We’ll guide you in crafting announcement letters that genuinely serve your audience instead of pushing a hard sell, and we’ll introduce daily practices that keep you and your business moving forward. With us, newsletters become a personal touchpoint for relationship building, not just another farming tactic. Discover our strategies to banish call reluctance (hint: the solution isn’t just to ‘try harder’). Plus, we’ll share the key elements your newsletters need to not just land in mailboxes, but to bring tangible returns on your investment.

A smiling woman with a megaphone, next to the text 'How One Agent Sold Over 50 Homes From 100% By Referral - Jeremy Allen's Story - VA Beach
Surprised man holding his head with text 'Mailing Newsletters? Really? Trust me, they really do work!' on a blue pop-art background.
A cheerful man in glasses pointing at bold text 'HANDWRITTEN NOTES FOR THE WIN!' against a yellow brick wall background.

Pillar #2 Chase Pillar

Inside the Agent Rise Academy, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to real estate marketing simply doesn’t cut it. That’s why we focus on identifying the chase pillars that not only resonate with your unique skills and interests but also empower you to carve out a distinct space in the market. Whether your strengths lie in engaging potential clients at open houses, harnessing the power of Facebook ads, or navigating the intricacies of niche markets like probate or first-time homebuyers, we’re here to guide your selection process. Our tailored advice ensures you understand why certain strategies may be a perfect fit for you—or why they might not. With our support, you’ll confidently activate your chosen chase pillar, applying bespoke strategies designed to resonate with your specific audience. From executing effective online campaigns with Google AdWords to making meaningful connections at open houses, our expert guidance is geared towards kick-starting your chosen method with impact. Dive into the Agent Rise Academy’s ecosystem, where you’re not just implementing strategies; you’re mastering the art of targeted, effective engagement in your real estate niche.

Pillar #3 Attraction – Social Agent & YouTube for Agents

These sessions provide insights on creating engaging YouTube content through structured videos on diverse topics, employing catchy hooks and titles, and exploring video podcasting for channel growth. It emphasizes the importance of community collaboration and leveraging YouTube’s latest features to maximize viewer engagement and content impact.

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My Heart Behind the Agent Rise Academy…

The Agent Rise Academy isn’t just about enhancing your real estate career; it’s about sculpting a business that’s a true reflection of your passion and vision.

Here, you’ll delve deep into Real Estate Business Development and Strategy, mastering not just the market’s pulse but also aligning it with your heartbeat.

It’s a space where Client Interaction isn’t just transactional, but transformational, fostering relationships that resonate beyond business.

And in the realm of Digital Marketing, it’s not about following trends; it’s about setting them, in a way that showcases your unique brand in the real estate world.

Within the Agent Rise Academy…

  • We’re NOT just learning tactics and trendy strategies
  • We’re focused on time-tested proven principles that change lives.
  • We embrace a philosophy that promotes your professional growth, hand-in-hand with personal fulfillment.
  • Where our dream of a thriving real estate business that we love turns into a reality

“Neil is an amazing coach! He is an active agent in today’s real estate market. This provides him with real life, current experiences & techniques to share with his students.  Neil is more than just a real estate coach, he truly cares about your success as a person, not just in business!”

Erin Springer Anderson | Erin For Homes

Build a real estate business you love…

without the overwhelm.

“JOIN US IN APRIL… the success of your plan goes up 100x!” – Neil Mathweg

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