7 Ways To Build A Real Estate Career You Love – Part 2 – Episode 354

If you’re like most agents, you want to build a career you love.  In this episode, we break down 7 ways we have found agents do just that.

Here are the 7 Ways To Build A Real Estate Career You Love:

  1. CLEAR PLAN that’s CONGRUENT to you, and one that you stay CONSISTENT with. You are FOCUSED, have no shiny object syndrome, and know what to do every single day.
  2. LEADS – Steady stream of leads from 3 pillars, excellent matchmaking system, no commission roller coaster.
  3. SYSTEMS – Anything you do repeatedly needs to be delegated and/or needs to have a system.
  4. BOUNDARIES, time off, vacations – able to “shut it off”. No longer people please.
  5. The BEST CLIENTS – Ones who respect you and your boundaries and you love working with them.
  6. POSITIVE MINDSET – you love life.
  7. Giving, sharing, legacy. Not limiting God’s abundance in your life. Dream with the lid off.

Resources and Links mentioned in this episode

Resources and Links mentioned in this episode:

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