Amy McLendon Agent Rise Breakthrough: Designing Your Own Version Of Success (Episode 415)

The Anatomy of Success: Amy McLendon on Transitioning from Nursing to Real Estate

The field of real estate is full of fascinating stories of growth, breakthroughs, and unexpected career changes. One such story is that of Amy McLendon, who transitioned from a 20-year nursing career to real estate, finding a new way to serve and help people.

A Career Shift Rooted in Passion

Amy spent two decades in nursing, primarily in the operating room, where she found her calling in helping others. But as a single mom, Amy needed more flexibility in her schedule. Her friend and fellow nurse Mindy, who had also transitioned into real estate, introduced her to the field. It wasn’t long before Amy realized that real estate provided another platform where she could continue her life’s mission of helping people.

Building a Business Around Relationships

From the get-go, Amy focused on what she knew best: building strong relationships. Her sphere of influence was nurtured through a multifaceted approach, incorporating social media, handwritten notes, client events, and monthly newsletters. She excelled in client care, turning most of her clients into friends and raving fans.

The Power of Coaching and Community

The Agent Rise coaching system played a pivotal role in Amy’s journey. As a newcomer in real estate, Amy was overwhelmed, but Agent Rise gave her the confidence and structure she needed. She credits the coaching and community for not only teaching her the ropes but also for inspiring her to make bold moves, such as creating off-market opportunities for her clients.

A Focus on the Future

Now, Amy plans to use her nursing background to specialize in serving in senior living. She recognized the increasing need for real estate services geared towards seniors, making it a natural next step in her career.

The Key Takeaway

The biggest lesson to be learned from Amy’s story is that real estate is not solely about houses; it’s about people. And nobody exemplifies this better than Amy McLendon, who has built her career on strong relationships and a genuine desire to help others. If you’re looking to break into real estate or are seeking ways to reinvent your current practice, focusing on authentic relationships might just be the key to your success, too.

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