How Real Estate Agents Can Create Your Own Inventory In 2022 – Episode 343

How Real Estate Agents Can Create Your Own Inventory In 2022 - Episode 343







Many are asking, “what is going to be like if the market shifts?”  You hear how hard the recession was, and with how crazy everything is, it’s easy to worry another one is coming. But here is the thing…

This IS THE HARD MARKET. This market is just as challenging as the recession, if not more challenging.

In the recession, we had way too many sellers and not enough buyers.  Today we have too many buyers and not enough sellers. In 2008 they called it a housing crisis. In 2022 they are now calling it a housing crisis.

The storm is upon us, how do we navigate?

The market usually helps us, but this day in time the market is NOT helping us. We are a ship at sea. The wind is the market, and normally with our sails out the boat moves with ease. But there’s no wind, so we need to kick in our engine. That engine is us having to work harder to find inventory to move our boat. The market isn’t going to do it for us.

IF YOU WANT TO THRIVE IN THIS MARKET you have to CREATE YOUR OWN INVENTORY – create a spreadsheet of UNLISTED SELLERS! Your own database of people wanting to move.

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