How to be a great agent WITHOUT BEING SALESY – Featuring Rory Pitts – Ep 335

How to be a great agent WITHOUT BEING SALESY







How can you be an agent without being salesy?

For Rory Pitts, he was just scraping by as an agent and barely making it all work. He didn’t want to be salesy or flashy, but in order to support everyone in his life, he felt he had to if he wants to be successful. Could he be true to himself and be there for his family, all while making the living he dreamed of? Ever felt like that? 🙋

Now, while being authentically himself, he has built a business that he LOVES. He established boundaries and actively schedules vacations and family time.  As a result, he has earned trust with clients and now the majority of his business comes from repeat business and people referring him.

I’m so excited to share how he did it during our Agent Rise Breakthrough Week!

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