How To Get Listings: Working with For Sale By Owners and Expired Listings

Unlocking Listings in Today’s Real Estate Market: A Guide for Agents

In the latest Agent Rise Podcast episode, Neil Mathwig takes a solo flight to discuss an increasingly relevant topic in the real estate industry—securing listings in a market that is seeing a comeback of for sale by owners (FSBOs) and expired listings. As the market dynamics shift, these two categories offer ripe opportunities for agents willing to adapt and refine their strategies.

The Return of FSBOs and Expired Listings

For several years, a hot market meant few expired listings and FSBOs feeling confident enough to sell on their own. However, as Neil points out, the landscape is changing. With more FSBOs recognizing the value of an agent and an increase in expired listings in certain markets, the door is open for agents to step in with the right approach.

Strategies for Success

Neil emphasizes consistency and adaptation in approach, whether through phone calls or mail campaigns. He shares the importance of setting up systems, like a six-week mailing program for expired listings, which allows for consistent outreach without the need for constant direct contact. For FSBOs, Neil recommends a more direct approach via phone calls, offering help and resources without the pretense of having an immediate buyer, thereby building trust and positioning oneself as a valuable resource.

Building Trust and Authority

Key to Neil’s advice is the focus on building trust and establishing oneself as an authority. This involves asking the right questions to understand the seller’s situation and providing valuable information, such as a special report on critical questions sellers should ask their next real estate agent. Such resources not only position agents as experts but also build trust with potential clients.

A New Approach to FSBOs and Expired Listings

Neil’s insights extend to innovative strategies for approaching FSBOs and expired listings, such as leveraging past market data to identify potential sellers and offering genuine assistance to FSBOs without resorting to deceptive tactics. He advocates for a transparent, service-oriented approach that fosters long-term relationships and leads to more listings.

Join the Conversation

The episode concludes with an invitation to join the Agent Rise community, where agents can access resources, support, and strategies to thrive in today’s challenging market. Neil’s message is clear: with the right approach, today’s market conditions present a unique opportunity for agents to grow their listings and succeed.

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