How to Get More Listings in 2024’s MUST MOVE market (Episode 438)

In the latest series of the Agent Rise Podcast, Neil Mathweg and Mindi Kessenich take us on a deep dive into the complexities and strategies of acquiring listings in the current real estate market. The journey begins with a candid reflection on personal breakthroughs and the subtle art of understanding client hesitation.

One pivotal moment comes from Mindi’s revelation about overfunctioning—how it creates an illusion that one must prove their worth excessively before asking for business. This mindset is a common trap for real estate professionals, often hindering their ability to connect and convert leads effectively. The series emphasizes the importance of introspection and confronting personal barriers to growth and success.

Neil and Mindi also highlight the underestimated power of your sphere of influence. Contrary to popular belief, the people you’ve helped in the past are not just past clients; they are potential gateways to new opportunities. Engaging with your sphere, whether they are settled with a “honey of a rate” or not, can open doors to referrals and new listings. It’s about maintaining that connection, reminding them of your presence in the real estate realm, and positioning yourself as a resource for their investment aspirations.

The duo also introduces practical tools like HomeBot, a sophisticated system that aids in keeping clients informed about their home’s value, fostering regular interaction, and cementing your role as their go-to real estate advisor.

As the series progresses, Neil and Mindi plan to unravel more strategies, focusing on different market segments and innovative ways to secure listings. Their conversational, insightful approach makes the Agent Rise Podcast a must-listen for any real estate professional aiming to thrive in today’s market. Stay tuned, engage with your sphere, and be the reason someone smiles in your real estate journey today!

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