It’s Time to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable – Episode #223

You read that right—you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I recently heard this phrase listening to Jen Sincero’s book “You Are a Badass at Making Money” and found it inspiring. What are you doing in your business that is preventing you from breaking through because you aren’t moving outside of your comfort zone? Listen to this episode of Agent Rise as I break down how to break through your discomfort.

What makes you uncomfortable?

I often talk about how you need to be playing to your strengths in your business. But always playing to your strengths doesn’t help you grow. Doing things that push you out of your comfort zone will. For many agents, following up with leads is something they hate.

Throwing an open house and meeting with people is easy. The conversation is easy.

But following up on the lead leaves many agents uncomfortable because it’s awkward. They don’t connect with them the next day and feel like they’ve missed their moment. I don’t want you to let embarrassment or discomfort get in the way of doing what you’re good at. So how do you remove the discomfort?

How to remove the “awkward” from the scenario

There are two things you need to consider about a potential client:

  1. They don’t know there’s an unspoken rule that you’re supposed to follow-up with them immediately. They aren’t sitting there watching their phone waiting for you to call. Most of them don’t even want you to call!
  2. You can call them at any time as long as you offer something of value. It could be a grant, a loan program, or their perfect house. If you’re offering what they want, they will not care how long it took you to call.

Stop overthinking things! Make the uncomfortable comfortable by removing the parameters you have set. There is no magical timeline that you HAVE to follow.

What to say when you have nothing to say

Another common thing agents find uncomfortable is calling their sphere of influence. The friends, family, business owners, clients, etc. that are important to you. You may feel you have nothing to say, so it’s uncomfortable making that call. There are a couple of ways to remedy that.

Firstly, you can follow an “A-Z” method. The first week, you call everyone on your contact list under the A’s, then call the B’s the following week and so forth. In this way, you’ll call everyone in your sphere of influence twice in one year.

My favorite method is to call your sphere of influence when you put on an event. For example, I enjoy hosting “I love Madison” events. I’ll call up my sphere of influence and invite them. If you host an appreciation event a couple of times a year and invite your sphere of influence, you knock out something that makes you uncomfortable!

Keep listening to hear my advice on some other scenarios that make you uncomfortable, and how to overcome them.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

I believe you won’t truly find abundance until you start doing things that make you uncomfortable. Some part of what you excel at will always be a little uncomfortable, right? I want you to make it part of your goals in 2020—

What is making you uncomfortable? What can you do to get comfortable being uncomfortable?

Is it something you can let go of? Is it something that makes you nervous, such as launching a YouTube channel or a podcast? I want you to think about what is preventing you from having a breakthrough moment in your business.

Then head on over to the Agent Rise Facebook group and let me know—what is making you uncomfortable? Let’s talk about it.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Doing things that make you uncomfortable
  • [2:40] What makes you uncomfortable?
  • [4:40] Two things to help you overcome the awkward
  • [7:25] How to call your sphere of influence
  • [8:45] What do you say when you have nothing to say?
  • [10:50] Hiring a transaction coordinator
  • [12:50] Get comfortable being uncomfortable in 2020

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