Katie Skeen Agent Rise Breakthrough: Trials to Triumphs to Hitting Annual Goals in 6 months (Episode 416)

Katie Skeen Breakthrough Story

The Katie Skeen Story: 18 Months to Real Estate Success

If you are a new real estate agent, struggling with lead generation, or even a seasoned agent looking for that elusive breakthrough, this episode of Agent Rise Podcast is for you. We had the pleasure of speaking with Katie Skeen, an agent in Louisville, Kentucky, who found her footing in the real estate industry through perseverance and strategic planning. Find out how Katie built her business using her three-pillar plan and the steps she followed for 18 challenging yet transformative months. Uncover the highs and lows and discover how she exploded her business through her skills from communication to relationship-building and how adding YouTube has really taken her to the next level. From tears to triumph, Katie offers insights that are both enlightening and encouraging.

The Journey

Initially, Katie struggled with lead generation, specifically with Facebook ads. Despite making 20 calls per day to Facebook leads for nine months, she didn’t see any immediate results. This could have discouraged anyone, but Katie continued to persevere.

The Role of Agent Rise

Katie attributes her success to the Agent Rise program. This program provided her with the tools she needed, from lead generation to relationship-building strategies. Katie followed the program’s three-pillar plan, and it paid off handsomely. She advises new agents to stick to the program, no matter how hard it gets, because the results are worth it.


If you are an agent on the verge of giving up or looking for a lifeline to transform your business, take a page out of Katie Skeen’s playbook. She has proven that with the right tools, mindset, and hard work, you can achieve a thriving real estate business in 18 months. If Katie can do it, so can you, and now is a perfect time to do so, because on Sept 21st we begin Agent Rise Bootcamp LIVE.  Learn more and book a discovery call at agentrisecoaching.com

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