Less Is More – How To Strip Your Social Media for Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents – Episode 412

Social media, a double-edged sword, can be a boon for many but a bane for real estate agents if not used effectively. On the recent episode of Agent Rise, Neil Mathweg and Mindy Kessenich provided valuable insights on how agents can master the art of social media without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Social Media Overwhelm: The Reality With multiple platforms to choose from – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, reels, long and short-form videos – it’s easy for agents to get lost in the maze.

2. The Solution: Simplification

  • Personal Vs. Business Page: The duo recommends focusing on personal pages for engagement. While business pages serve a purpose, the engagement isn’t as organic unless you’re willing to pay for it.
  • Content Planning: The introduction of monthly content planning in the Agent Rise members group is a game-changer, helping agents be more strategic and less impulsive.

3. Time Management and Social Media Addiction Mindy touches upon the silent addiction many face – the pull of social media. By having a solid content plan, agents can ensure they’re making the most of their time online without getting sucked into the void.

4. Social Content Vs. Searchable Content Neil introduces an essential distinction. While social content aims for engagement and visibility, searchable content (like YouTube videos or blogs) targets a more global audience, helping with SEO and bringing in leads.

5. The ‘See, Like, Engage’ Framework This simple strategy ensures agents remain top-of-mind for their audience. By rotating between posts that showcase them as agents, personal posts that let people connect with them, and highly engaging content, agents can effectively manage their social media persona.

In conclusion, mastering social media doesn’t require agents to be everywhere at once. By focusing on the right platforms, creating purposeful content, and engaging authentically, agents can use social media as a powerful tool to boost their careers.

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