Matt Gatewood Agent Rise Breakthrough: A Journey From Agent to Broker (Episode 417)

Matt Gatewood Louisville KY

“Breaking Through Boundaries: How Matt Gatewood Transitioned from a Successful Agent to a Broker-Owner”

In the high-stress, fast-paced world of real estate, it’s easy to lose sight of the work-life balance. Matt Gatewood, a seasoned broker from Louisville, Kentucky, knows this all too well. In a recent episode of the Agent Rise Podcast, Matt revealed his transformational journey that saw him go from a struggling, overworked agent to a successful broker-owner.

Health Over Wealth

Matt’s story began when he started experiencing health issues due to the relentless grind of the job. It was at this point that he realized he needed to re-evaluate his priorities and focus on his well-being.

The Catalyst of Coaching

Matt credits much of his turnaround to the coaching he received from Neil Mathweg. Through coaching, Matt learned to set boundaries, manage client expectations, and add structure to his business.

The Power of Boundaries

Matt found the courage to implement boundaries in his work life after attending a real estate conference where Neil spoke about the importance of taking time off. The concept resonated deeply with Matt and eventually led him to make crucial changes in his life.

From Agent to Broker

Matt’s initial plan for his brokerage was modest, involving only a couple of agents to support his own sales. However, through continuous coaching and guidance, he realized the potential to grow and lead other agents. The brokerage started to evolve, and Matt found himself more aligned with his newfound role as a leader.

The Value of Vision and Perseverance

Despite facing numerous challenges, Matt persisted and kept his eyes on the bigger picture. His vivid vision and dedication, fueled by the coaching, helped him break through adversity and build a business that he loves.


Matt Gatewood’s story serves as a powerful reminder that personal growth is often the key to professional success. By setting boundaries, focusing on well-being, and allowing himself to be coached, Matt was able to transition from a stressed agent to a thriving broker. His journey underscores the transformative power of coaching in helping real estate professionals build businesses that are both successful and sustainable.

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