Must-Do Moves for Probate Real Estate Agents (Episode 440)

In the latest episode of the Agent Rise Podcast, Neil Mathweg and TJ McGraw share invaluable insights into navigating the probate real estate market. This detailed discussion not only sheds light on the initial apprehensions associated with probate real estate but also outlines a path to becoming a trusted advisor during a family’s time of need.

The conversation kicks off with TJ McGraw sharing his journey from apprehension to understanding the value he could bring to families undergoing the probate process. The duo discusses the importance of approaching potential clients with empathy, highlighting the emotional weight of probate sales and the common stigma attached to it.

Further, they delve into the tactical aspects of probate real estate, including building a comprehensive support team, from attorneys to estate salespeople, and the significance of offering a concierge-like service to ease the client’s burden.

Neil and TJ also tackle the practicalities of acquiring probate leads, emphasizing the power of personalized communication and the strategic use of digital platforms to establish credibility and trust.

This episode is not just about the mechanics of probate real estate; it’s a testament to the impact real estate agents can make by serving with heart and integrity. Whether you’re new to the niche or looking to refine your approach, Neil and TJ’s conversation is a treasure trove of wisdom for any real estate professional.


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[00:00:00] Introduction to the Episode

[00:01:00] Meet TJ McGraw: From Apprehension to Probate Expertise

[00:05:00] Debunking the Myths of Probate Real Estate

[00:10:00] Building a Support Network: Key Relationships and Resources

[00:15:00] Acquiring Probate Leads: Strategies and Challenges

[00:20:00] The Art of Communication: Mailing, Digital Credibility, and Phone Calls

[00:25:00] Serving with Empathy: Real Stories of Impact

[00:30:00] Next Steps for Agents Interested in Probate Real Estate

[00:35:00] Closing Thoughts and Resources

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