Navigating Selling Homes in the Winter – Episode #220

Selling homes in the winter is a difficult beast to overcome. It’s typically cold, and no one wants to move when there is snow on the ground. So how should you utilize the slow season? How do you combat shiny object syndrome? This episode of Agent Rise is all about answering YOUR questions about the slow season in Real Estate.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Q & A Session about the slow season
  • [1:40] 3 steps to sell homes in the winter
  • [5:35] Dealing with distractions over the holidays
  • [9:15] What do you do when open-houses slow down?

3 Steps to sell homes in the winter

What do you do when everyone wants to start looking for a home in the Spring? Here’s my three-step plan to reel in the hesitant home-buyer:

  • Step One: Let your client know that now is the best time to get started! Spring is the busiest season, and they want to get ahead of the market.
  • Step Two: Meet the buyer(s) for coffee and explain the process, help them get pre-approval, and set up a game-plan.
  • Step Three: Start match-making (find homes that fit their criteria).

You need to respect their schedule and timeline while providing value. But if you can show them the house of their dreams, odds are they will move up their timeline.

Dealing with Holiday distractions

Preparing for the holidays can leave you completely distracted. I get it. So what can you do to combat the seasons? Get back to the basics (which I talk about in detail in this episode). Keep it simple and make three calls a day. If it’s three calls more than you’re already making, then it’s a win.

Make Match-making calls. Call someone in your sphere of influence and wish them happy holidays! Call someone and let them know you’re thankful for them in this season. These conversations may drum up some referrals. But more than that, it keeps you moving forward.

Don’t let winter drag you down!

What to do when open houses come to a halt

I cannot emphasize this enough: stay the course. If your chase pillar is open-houses, don’t change your strategy because you’re in a slow season. You may not get a lot of visitors to your open houses, but you may get some unrepresented buyers. Perhaps the neighbors will come by and you can get to know them.

It also allows you to have better conversations with the people that do come by. Take advantage of the time you wouldn’t normally get and connect with buyers. Even if the house you’re selling isn’t their perfect match, maybe you can help them find the right one!

Don’t be discouraged. Seasons come and go. Take the slow season to get back to the basics, and prepare for the busy spring season to come.

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