How To Take The Lead With Real Estate Lead Magnets – Episode 413

Discover the New Age of Real Estate Lead Magnets

Lead magnets in real estate has changed a lot. They’ve moved from just being content to genuine value offers. The recent Agent Rise Podcast digs deep into this change.

Neil Mathweg’s Take: With years of experience, Neil has watched and adapted to the shifts in lead magnets. He’s gone from sending out home-selling tips by mail to harnessing YouTube today. He fondly recalls older methods like offering relocation advice but stresses the current need to focus more on providing true value than just content.

YouTube’s Power: Mindi Kessenich loves YouTube. For her, it’s more than just a video platform; it’s a powerful tool to connect with potential clients. By just being real and not sticking to strict scripts, she’s drawn in people who feel they know her even before meeting. It’s about reaching the right audience, not the largest one.

Staying Connected: Realtors understand the value of their network. But, how often do they really connect with it? Neil finds consistency in newsletters vital, even if some find it cheesy. Mindi agrees, underlining the need for regular touchpoints.

To sum it up, even as the methods change, the heart of a lead magnet remains – offer true value. As real estate trends shift, staying updated and using modern lead magnets will help agents stand out.

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real estate lead magnets

real estate lead magnets


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