Removing Limiting Beliefs: Rewriting the Past and Finding Acceptance – Episode 399

In this episode of the Agent Rise podcast, co-hosts Neil Mathweg and Mindi Kessenich delve into the concept of removing limiting beliefs that can hinder our path to success.

Drawing from his personal experience, Neil shares a childhood memory that had a profound impact on his identity and how he was able to rewrite those memories.

The memory that Neil recounts involves being called out and compared to the character “Chunk” from the movie The Goonies by one of his best friend’s friends. To gain acceptance and approval from others, Neil resorted to humor and entertainment. He reflects on how this belief carried on into his adulthood and influenced his weight loss journey. He believed that being big and funny was the key to acceptance, and losing weight would result in losing that acceptance.

Mindi also shares a scary part of her childhood and how these past memories continue to play out multiple times in her life.  You’ll hear how powerful it has become to rewrite these memories to better serve her today.

Neil goes on to discuss how he learned to talk to himself instead of listing to himself, a concept he picked up from TJ McGraw, the featured guest on this episode. TJ joins the podcast and shares his insights on how limiting beliefs can hold us back from reaching our true potential and how we can rewrite the narrative in our minds.

TJ emphasizes the importance of identifying and acknowledging limiting beliefs, and then actively challenging and rewriting them to create a new empowering belief system. He and Neil discuss the power of self-talk and how it shapes our beliefs and actions. They also explore the role of acceptance and approval from others in our lives and how it can impact our self-worth and confidence.

Neil shares how rewriting his past memory and changing his belief about acceptance and approval has transformed his life and allowed him to see himself in a new light. He encourages listeners to reflect on their own limiting beliefs and take steps to rewrite them in order to unlock their true potential.

The key takeaways from this episode are that limiting beliefs can hold us back from achieving our true potential and need to be identified, acknowledged, challenged, and rewritten. Self-talk plays a crucial role in shaping our beliefs and actions, and it’s important to listen to ourselves and actively talk to ourselves in empowering ways. Acceptance and approval from others should not be the sole basis of our self-worth and confidence, and it’s essential to recognize our intrinsic value and worthiness. Rewriting past memories and changing our beliefs about ourselves can lead to transformation and help us remove the limiting beliefs that stand in our way.

Don’t miss this insightful episode on removing limiting beliefs and gaining a new perspective on acceptance, approval, and self-talk. Tune in now to the Agent Rise podcast!

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