Robert Taylor’s Agent Rise Breakthrough: Turning Service into Success In His Neighborhood (Episode 418)

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From Firehouse to Open House: How Robert Taylor Broke Through with Agent Rise

Robert Taylor is not your typical real estate agent. He’s also a career firefighter, a pool service business owner, and now, a real estate trailblazer. In this episode of our “Agent Rise Breakthrough Week,” Robert shares how he worked according to a vision of being the best agent in his neighborhood.

How It All Began

Robert’s journey into real estate wasn’t exactly planned. For years, he juggled his roles as a firefighter and a pool service business owner. But he saw the untapped potential in the real estate world. Like many, he took the leap, studying for his real estate license in secret, even from his wife! His hard work paid off when he aced the license test on his first try. But it was only the beginning.

The Struggles

Initially, Robert dabbled in flipping houses but soon realized that it wasn’t the right fit. What he truly wanted was to serve others, just as he had in his other roles. He found this purpose in helping families find their dream homes.

Discovering Agent Rise

Robert stumbled upon Neil Mathweg and Agent Rise (well it was Roundbox and Neil Mathweg Caoching back then, but that’s another story) while searching for a path in real estate. He immediately connected with Neil’s approach, which emphasized building your sphere of influence and serving clients authentically. The tipping point was the first Agent Rise Bootcamp, where Robert discovered the strategies he needed to scale his business.

The Power of Mentorship

For Robert, Neil’s mentorship was crucial in his journey. Neil advised him when to pull back and when to push forward. Robert says he still values the “nuggets of wisdom” he picked up from Neil, even as his business has grown.

Scaling to Success

Today, Robert is a part-time real estate agent, but his results are anything but part-time. Closing around 25 deals a year, he is a consistent top performer in his market. He attributes this success to the fundamental pillars taught at Agent Rise: focusing on your sphere of influence, chasing, and attracting clients.

A Heart to Serve

Robert’s ethos is simple – serving people with authenticity. He takes the service-first mindset from his firefighting and pool service careers into real estate. Whether it’s by going the extra mile at client events or providing thoughtful gifts, Robert always seeks to do just a “little bit more.”

Ready to Rise?

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We invite you to listen to the full episode to hear more about Robert’s incredible journey and the powerful ways that Agent Rise can make a difference in your life.
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