Getting Listings Sold in Today’s Real Estate Market (Episode 425)

Mastering Today’s Real Estate Market: Getting Listings Sold in Today’s Real Estate Market

The real estate world is evolving, bringing new challenges for agents who want to sell properties. Getting listings sold in today’s real estate market can be challenging. Listings that used to fly off the market now sit longer, prompting agents to seek new strategies. On the Agent Rise Podcast, Neil Mathweg gave agents some answers, offering insights that can redefine their selling approach.

Harness the Three P’s: Pictures, Price, and Property

  • Pictures: In our tech-driven era, images give the first impression of any property. Neil advises agents to choose quality, angle, and appeal carefully. Unflattering photos can deter potential buyers. He recommends removing unappealing photos and using tools like BoxBrownie to enhance others. It’s essential to capture every essential aspect of a property.
  • Price: While everyone acknowledges the importance of pricing, Neil offers a fresh take. He advises agents to evaluate and improve the property first. Only after this should you consider price adjustments. It’s not just about the number; perceived value also plays a role.
  • Property: How a property is presented matters immensely. Neil emphasizes listening to feedback from potential buyers. If they don’t feel impressed, you should make changes. Simple tweaks, such as staging or decor adjustments, can have a significant impact.

Innovate the Selling Process in Getting Listings Sold in Today’s Real Estate Market

After mastering the Three P’s, Neil encourages agents to think outside the box. For instance, you can generate interest by pairing a new price with an open house. This tactic often leads to more people attending open houses and more offers.

Communication is Key

Keeping sellers informed fosters trust. Regular updates ensure clients feel valued and involved. For example call your clients every Tuesday to give them an update on anything regarding their listing.

Broaden Your Horizons

In tricky market situations, Neil suggests agents:

  1. Stay Connected: Keep lines of communication open with potential buyers.
  2. Seek Opportunities: Look for agents with clients who fit your property’s profile.
  3. Expand Marketing: Don’t just stick to traditional platforms. Use platforms like Facebook Marketplace, local buy/sell groups, and even Craigslist.

Conclusion: Aim to Excel

Real estate is always changing. But with the core principles of the three P’s, innovative selling tactics, and a proactive approach, agents can excel. As Neil Mathweg wisely says, the goal is not just to get through tough times but to come out stronger.


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