Bring leads back to life with this email tactic

If you’re like most agents, you have a pile of leads in your CRM that have gone cold. You know there’s an opportunity there, but you’re just not sure how to bring these leads back to life. What email(s) should you send? Just checking in? A long email that explains why they should work with you? Or set them up on a long drip campaign teaching them about buying a home? Great ideas—in some contexts—but not here. They won’t work. Here’s what you do instead:

  1. Are you still planning to buy a house in [city] this year?
  2. I want my motivation to match your motivation. I scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being “just-looking” to 5 being “get me in the house tomorrow,” how would you rate your motivation?
  3. Have you given up on this?

Send these messages as emails—or even better as texts. They’re fantastic because they get a quick response, and they get the conversation started. That’s what you want. Once the conversation is started, the lead is revitalized, and you can give them the attention they need based on their level of motivation.

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