“Does anyone know a good Realtor?”

“Does anyone know a good Realtor?”
(What to say when recommended in a group)

We have all been there. A buyer or seller goes into a community Facebook group and asks, “Does anyone know a good Realtor?” Hundreds of people respond, you get tagged a few times, and you see all of the top agents in the area get tagged multiple times as well.

What do you do? What do you say? I mean, it’s easy to think: What are the chances they will pick me anyway? Look at all of these options! Right?

Especially if you are a new agent like Brittany Jeanes, an agent from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, who got her license last October, sold a few houses, and is yet to get her first listing.

What do you do then?

Well … you do exactly what Brittany did, and what she shared in the Agent Rise Facebook group.

Brittany was tagged in a post along with 300 other agents. She writes, “All the top producers in our area, decades of experience, the ones with billboards and commercials….they were all in there. I thought there’s NO way, but I’m going to try anyway.”

She messaged the poster. Of course, she got back the standard questions: “How long have you been a Realtor? How many closings did you have last year, and how many listings?”

She writes, “I thought, Oh here we go…it will be crickets after this.”

She had to be honest: “I got my license in Oct of last year and I’ve had four closings since, zero listings.”

But then Brittany added these magic words: “But please don’t let that fool you! Your home would be my sole focus and no one will work harder than me to get your home sold.”

She continues, “I prepared my entire listing presentation and marketing details, emailed it to her, and kept in constant contact.”

Then it happened—the seller requested a meeting.

Brittany writes, “I was beside myself with excitement. I met with them and just SOLD myself. I was completely myself and genuine. They said they could see this wasn’t a sales pitch and that I was truly excited to help them. They signed everything. After, I sat in my car in my driveway and cried … I was now a LISTING AGENT!”

(Read the full post here…)

Things we can learn about this…

Don’t fake It till you make it

Don’t fake it until you make it. Instead, ask for an opportunity. This is exactly what Brittany did. She asked them for an opportunity and they wanted to give that opportunity to Brittany. They too were once new at their job.

It’s like when you get a new waiter at a restaurant. You want to give them an opportunity. You are patient with them. You encourage them. You might even tip them a little more. You want to see them do well. If they make a mistake you give them grace. Right? Well, I think it’s the same in this situation.

Trust over experience

But doesn’t the seller want an experienced agent? Yeah some do, but the truth is that consumers crave trust. They want to trust their realtor. They crave trust over experience. And when Brittany was honest about her experience—explaining that she was new and this would be her first listing—the sellers immediately trusted her.

Most agents fake it until they make it. And this is why buyers and sellers don’t trust them.

To connect with Brittany Jeanes on Instagram or Facebook: @BrittanyJeanesRealtor

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