Facebook Live Tips & Content Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Giving your brand exposure on Facebook is a wise thing to do.  Even wiser, do Facebook Live’s.  The challenge I see the most, is agents doing them wrong and missing the whole reason why you should do Facebook Lives – that is to create ENGAGEMENT.

Today, I want to give you Facebook Live Tips and Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents.

Tip #1. Write a compelling title

Draw people in with your heading. For example instead of “Open House Sunday 1-3 at 123 Main St” go with something like:

“Are you looking for a house with an amazing kitchen? Wait till you see this one…”

Tip #2. Ask a question for people to answer.

Remember, social media is all about being social.  You need to ask question that is easy to respond to, that will create the engaement you are looking for.

Tip #3. Don’t start off with…ok I think we’re live. It’s all for the replays.

You have to think about replays.  The majority of your views will come replays.  Be sure to start you video with content right away.

Tip #4. Schedule your lives – create an event.

By creating an event for when you go live, you will increase the number of people who will join your live.  It just adds to the fun!

Tip #5. Call it a show and have a co-host 

This just adds to the entertainment factor.

Content Ideas For Facebook Lives 

The biggest struggle I see real estate agents facing is what content should I produce that will create engagement. Here are some ideas:

Monday Trivia

I used to do a live show on my Facebook page called, Mathweg Monday Trivia.  I would ask a family feud style trivia question every Monday morning.  Something like “Name something you might see at a Milwaukee Brewer Baseball game”.  I would give away a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant to the winner – the one who answered what we were thinking first.  If no one answered by the end of the day on Monday, we would post a clue on Tuesday.  Sometimes we’d go until Thursday or Friday before we got an answer.  We would get 2500-5000 organic views.


Go live with a list of your active buyers who can’t find what they are looking for.  Ask the question: Who do you know that has this kind of house?

Who has {Your City’s} best ____?

Go live and ask for people’s opinion on who has {your city’s} best – Food Type, Service Type, Atmosphere Type, Place Type, Activity Type and much more.

Real Estate Related Questions

This one can be borderline, as most real estate related topics don’t do well on social. Instead get them over on YouTube where they are social.

Questions like: What worries you most about buying a house? or How to get $18k over your list price. (Story about a listing that recently sold)

“Top 3” opinion posts with the question “what did I miss?”

Top 3 best places to market your home?

Top 3 best things to do to get your home ready for the market.

Top 3 best thing to make the most of an open house.

Top 5 reasons why ____ is an incredible community

This is just scratching the surface, and I would love to hear your Facebook Live ideas.  Please comment with them, along with a link to your Facebook Page if you’re going live.

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